Reclaimed Wood Resin Glow Table: Top 5 Specs & Constraints

Top 5 Specifications:

  • 1. Table adjusts from ~19” to 29”
    • One of the more unique aspects of this piece is that it is adjustable in order for the table to function as both a coffee table and a game/dining table. Therefore, I think that one of the most important specifications is the adjustability. This function also covers the dynamic component of my design, so it is also important that I prioritize this specification. 
  • 2. Resin tabletop aesthetic
    • Another one of the most important components of this design is the tabletop itself, since that is what will draw the eye and I think it needs to be the cleanest/most attractive part of the piece. For this reason, I think it is important to prioritize the neatness and aesthetic of this specification, if it’s messy then that will definitely take away from the overall quality of the table by a lot. 
  • 3. LED functionality 
    • I think that one of the aspects of this design that gives it a uniqueness is the LED lined underside. For this reason, I consider the functionality of the LED’s to be a very important specification. I would like the LED’s to have color changing functionality, and to not be too overpowering, and also to be hidden well under the table so as to not take away from the overall artistic aesthetic of the tabletop. 
  • 4. Table should fit approximately 6’ x 2’ 
    • It is important for the table to stay approximately in the designed dimensions in order to fit the space that it is designed for well. This is something that I will need to keep in mind when choosing reclaimed wood planks. 
  • 5. Reclaimed wood must have fillable pockets for resin
    • It is important for the artistic aspect of the design that the chosen wood has enough potential for the resin to create an interesting aesthetic when poured. I will have to be mindful when choosing scraps in order to come away with wood that will create an interesting enough tabletop.

Top 5 Constraints: 

  • Time
    • I feel that one of my biggest constraints currently is time; as right now I am a bit behind on gathering materials with long lead times for shipping and trying to find time to get to the reclaimed wood place. I think I have also likely underestimated the amount of time that fabrication will take. 
  • Availability of Reclaimed Wood
    • I have a general idea of what the place that I am going to get the wood from has in stock, but am definitely worried that they won’t have exactly what I want or that there won’t be enough. 
  • Complicated Fabrication Process
    • I think that while the overall design process is simple, it may end up being more difficult than planned initially. I think specifically that joining the planks may end up being somewhat difficult and I’ll have to spend some time figuring out an exact plan of action for the fabrication. 
  • Resin Pour Difficulties
    • While the resin pour looks simple when complete, I think that this is something that I will struggle to get exactly correct. I think it will be difficult for the resin pour to turn out tastefully artistic and will take a bit more planning and tries than expected. 
  • Cost
    • I am worried about the overall cost of the project potentially going over my ~$150 budget, mainly because I don’t quite have the best understanding of how expensive the wood that I want to use will be- since it’s recycled it’s kind of hard to say until I visit the lumberyard and pick something out. Also, if I mess up at all, I’ll have to spend more on replacement materials. 


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  • Callum Schulz
    April 13, 2021 12:40 am

    Hey Maya

    I think you’ve done an excellent job outlining your specifications and constraints. I think this project looks awesome and I’m excited to see what the finished product looks like. I agree that the fabrication process will probably take a lot longer than expected, especially if you haven’t done a resin pour before. I’ve never done one before either, so I was wondering what the process for that looked like?

  • Maya,
    Nice job on the specs and constraints. Your project definitely isn’t an easy one so i’m sure fabrication will take longer than anticipated. I am super excited to see how it comes out. I apologize if you’ve already talked about this in past posts, but what is the mechanism that will allow the table to raise from 19″ to 29″? will it be just a pin sort of think or will it be more complex? In some respects if you needed more time to finish the aesthetic aspect of your piece, it might be worthwhile to cut out the adjustable aspect for now.


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