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The outfit picture or (fit pic) has been on Instagram since the creation of the image sharing social media site. Like most things, fit pics started as a simple way for a person to share their outfit. Commonly, users will either take a photo in the mirror or have a photographer take pictures of them. Fit pics can be whatever the user wants, whether it is a casual photo or has artistic intent. Through the evolution of instagram, fit pics have become important in many industries. Some examples of this are professional sports, theater, Hollywood, and of course the fashion industry. In the NBA players express themselves with their pregame or ‘tunnel’ outfit. Photos are taken of the players and uploaded to accounts like bleacherreport or leaguefits, where followers can comment whose outfit they liked the most. The fashion industry is very prominent on Instagram, with large companies showing off their newest collections on their page or through celebrity brand deals. Personally, I am interested in the fashion industry and follow many users that have their own aesthetic. However, I have recently come across a user who stands out by taking the idea of a fit pic to new heights.

The Paris based Instagram user neptunes2000, has his own unique aesthetic by creating images in dangerous or life threatening situations. What I find so intriguing about these photos is that the focus of the image is still the outfit, regardless of the shooting location. In the photo above neptunes is seen to almost be falling off the edge of a building into a busy street, disregarding his surroundings by staring right into the camera. This image is created by utilizing photo editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop, as well as a harness. The art of creating these physics defying photos is how neptunes sets himself apart from other fit pic creators, by creating his own aesthetic.

In this photo neptunes is shown in the Parisian subway system suspended from the ceiling. This image combines the use of lighting, posing, location and outfit choice to create a futuristic work. Neptunes is wearing a matching white set which stands out from the dark background. This takes the viewer’s eye away from the main garments by drawing focus on the green accessories. In this photo neptunes even matches his hair color to his gloves and shoes which makes the look cohesive.


Neptunes’ is very connected to the city of Paris where he is based out of. In this photo he can be seen dropping from a bridge into the water, next to the Eiffel Tower. In neptunes’ posts the viewer is able to see the city of Paris through his eyes, which adds value to his aesthetic.

Here neptunes is seen standing in front of a stopped train while two train conductors come over and tell him to stop. Another layer to his aesthetic is how he breaks the rules and defies authority. This builds on how fashion is used as an avenue for someone to express themselves in any way they want, especially through breaking rules and stereotypes.

I wanted to end this post with the original image I saw that was so appealing to me. In this photo it looks as if neptunes is falling from the top of a lamp post and about to hit the concrete. This image shows neptunes in an extremely dangerous scenario that makes the viewer have to double take, with the focus again being on the outfit he is wearing. This image shows how intense neptunes passion for being a fashion influencer is, with an underlying message that he would ‘die for the fit pic’.



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  • I found this post quite unique. I have seen some of @neptunes2000 work before on Instagram. It’s cool to see people have these new and interesting approaches to the fit pic game as it is so over saturated now. I’d be curious to know how he came up with the idea. Do you know? Also have you seen @bloodyosiris work? Neptune kind of reminds me of his stuff.

    • I have, bloodyosiris is credited to be one of the creators of modern fit pics. I believe that neptunes definitely takes creative inspiration from ykosiris, as do most fashion influencers today. Osiris’ style uses very baggy clothes that usually include an interesting location where the photo is taken. While not as extreme as neptunes, osiris has chosen many unique locations such as the dentist’s office, upside down on a rollercoaster, or at the hospital.

      I am not sure what directly inspired neptunes, however I believe he felt that he must go to further lengths to stand out in the over saturated space, like you said.

  • Lucas Fesmire
    February 1, 2023 5:26 pm

    I can’t say I’ve been a follower of fit pics on Instagram but Neptune’s work transcends the walls of his genre. I think the addition of the harness allows him to display his outfit from angles and positions that wouldn’t be possible from the perspective of a measly, land-walking fit pic model. I’ve also noticed that some of the fits are color-coordinated with the environment while in other photos it doesn’t seem to be a consideration. Luke, do you see the fit pic community adopting this style of more exciting poses and shots, or is Neptune in a lane of his own, expressing himself like no other could?

    • I would say there are many other creators who also explore unique camera angles and points of view in there work. While neptunes’ work is unique, he does follow the trend of using wide lenses that capture his entire outfit. Another notable creator is wisdm, who shoots in a similar way to neptunes’ subway photo. These outfits are more conceptual, and use lighting as the main tool. These conceptual looks implement more high fashion runway pieces that most of the time are not practical to wear. So I think there is a balance in neptunes work with where he takes the photo and how he styles himself.

  • Neptunes has some very interesting work, thank you for bringing it to my attention. I was familiar with the aesthetic of “fit pics” but the way he takes it to its extrema makes it very appealing to the viewer. I like how you brought attention to the level of editing required to achieve the feeling of apparent danger and how it elevates the subject of the photo.
    Do you think his outfits have to be particularly “better” or more attention grabbing than others to still be the focus of his hectic style of photography?

    • That’s an interesting question Jon, I would say it depends on the picture. Neptunes tends to wear more fashion forward outfits when he is shooting in a scenario where he is “falling” into the street. I would say this is where he truly expresses himself in clothes that he feels best describe his style. While in a photoshoot like the upside down shot in the subway, is more of a conceptual outfit that adds to the background and artistic intent of the image.


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