Upcycling Aesthetic \\ Heider Iacometti

For my upcycling aesthetic I plan on using recycled cans to create a hawk. Originally. After one of my friends saw my concept art, it turned from a hawk into a Xatu, a flying type pokemon.

Normal Sprite



Since I plan on using recycled cans, I have selected a few cans for each of the colors needed. To start, green is a very predominant color for this piece, I plan on using rolling rock beer cans to cover all of the green we need. I also have other cans to satisfy other color needs.

Rolling Rock Extra Pale Beer Cans - 12-12 Fl. Oz.


When it comes to the aesthetic itself, it’s a little hard to determine. I’d like to say it’s realism, but creating a video game bird isn’t all that natural. The way I plan on cutting up the cans may allow me to use the low poly aesthetic which I think would look pretty cool for this piece.



I plan on trying to cut the cans into flat geometric, and bending the sheets so that, hopefully, the light reflecting off each piece will create the different shades that you can see in the image above.

Finally, I believe that this post will take a heavy influence from brutalism, or at least my fingers will after I cut them from the aluminum shrapnel. I know this post doesn’t have a lot of images, but I don’t want to flood everyone with 4 different posts of beer cans.

Featured Image: It’s another example of low poly art that I think captures the same color aesthetic. www.sessions.edu/notes-on-design/whats-the-deal-with-low-poly-art

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  • Xatu is by far one of the coolest Pokémon, I am glad you decided to go with him for your project. Will you be using any sort of paints or will you strictly be using the colors from the different cans that you have?

  • Heider, I’m ecstatic at the thought of this Xatu decoration. The green rolling rock will work great for Xatu. It looks like a single beer can could be perfect for the bottom of Xatu’s body. I also think the sharp edges of the can will really help with the low poly aesthetic you are going for. Do you plan to cut out specific parts of the can to capture certain colors or designs? Additionally, how large do you see this sculpture becoming?

  • Life-changing post, big ups for that Heider. I think the low-poly aesthetic would look sweet for this project. I also think utilizing used beer cans is a great idea given how easy they are to come by and produce. Are you going to try and follow the color pattern of the Xatu closely or go your own direction with that, given the possible limitations due to the beer cans?


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