Upcycle Progress Report: Converse Embroidery

For this project, I took an old pair of Converse I had and am embroidering flowers into one of the shoes. So far I have made progress on the main flower on my shoe which I think is coming along well. I have never embroidered before so there was definitely a little bit of a learning curve but I am happy with the progress. Taking my time and trying to be detailed has definitely been a labor intensive process however I am enjoying learning something new. I hope to add a few sunflowers to the shoe in addition to the main flower once it is finished however I am not sure if I will have the time or not.

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  • I really love this project because the item you’re upcycling isn’t trash or waste of any kind, making this a practical artifact that you can wear and use every day. The value you add by embroidering a design makes this a unique art piece that differs from what anyone else might be wearing. I know that embroidery can be very challenging, but the patience and diligence required to introduce precision and accuracy of technique will make the experience entertaining and engaging.

  • Bodhin,

    I really like that you chose to add on to something that you already had and that you will be able to wear in the future. I don’t know if embroidery is something that you’ve done before but it seems like a cool form of artistic expression. If you have done it before, how did you get into it? And if this is your first time, what inspired you to learn this new skill?

  • Hi Bodhin,

    This is a great way to upcycle an old pair of shoes. The embroidered flower design definitely compliments the aesthetic of the Converse. I have also never embroidered before, but always admired custom embroidered shoes. I would love to hear more about the learning and labor processes that you undertook during this project.


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