Main Project Plan and Inspiration – Electronic candle as Night-light

(An example of Night-light for kids on Amazon:


I’m still not sure what my main project will look like this semester, the clue is to make a device or decoration that will change over time. Maybe a fake candle that will gradually switch the light by the changing of daylight. Or a digital clock that can do the same thing above. My inspiration is from daily life because I recently have come across some night lights, which said the frequency of light can help you relax and improve your sleeping quality. I want to make a similar nightlight by myself in the final project.


The shape of the “candle” will be something that could be directly connected to the image of peace and calm. The color of the RGB light will be controlled via Arduino IDE. I will build a set of colors(maybe pick a color from a color palette) that serves the function with adjustable lights. And the aesthetic I chose for this project is Kawaii style. Kawaii means cute in Japanese, and I want to make the candle blend in my current room style. The main color of my room is navy blue, the other colors are black and white. I have a blue whale(bought from IKEA, its name is BLÅVINGAD) on my bed. So the ocean may become a possible theme to the candle’s future design.



I’m still figuring out how to build the product, especially the material for building the enclosure of the electronic candle. Perhaps acrylic, or other materials that can pass the burning test and be laser cut. I will draft the sketch first and measure the size on the paper board, testing the light in advance. Still, my plan is undergoing and can be totally different along the ideation. I’m browsing the affordable material(if possible, I also want to use recycled materials to make this product.

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  • Riley Dressel
    March 12, 2023 7:17 pm

    Hi Andrea!

    Your post is extremely interesting, as subtle, yet dynamic lighting is something a modern bedroom needs. Integrating the other colors from around your room is a really smart idea, so the lamp doesn’t clash with its surroundings. With the ocean theme, do you plan on making a smaller IKEA whale, or another oceanic creature?

    • Chin-Hsuan(Andrea) Wang
      March 12, 2023 9:31 pm

      Hi Riley!
      Thank you for leaving comment! I will probably create another ocean creature for the enclosure of the night-light.
      I’m still deciding the type of the animal lol, there are too many candidates, such as a dolphin, a killer whale, or a sea star!
      It’s so hard to pick one from those because they are all attractive options to me!


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