Main Project Plans – Contemporary Desk Lamp

For my final project, I’m aiming to create a contemporary desk lamp. I’ll be constructing the lamp in a contemporary aesthetic, with a few mid-century modern cues. My design will in general follow the key aspects of contemporary styling, mainly being minimalist, sleek, and highlighting material choice prominently. I also want to incorporate aspects of the mid-century modern aesthetic through my material choice, which will be wood. Contemporary and mid-century modern will go great together for my project and its desired aesthetic since contemporary design will emphasize the mid-century modern construction material well.

I was inspired to create a contemporary desk lamp since I personally have one, however it and almost every example available on the market are made of plastic or metal. I appreciate how most of these lamps also have a very warm light calibration, and I think this would work fantastically with warm wood tones to create an aesthetically pleasing desk lamp.

I plan to make the general shape of my lamp similar to the slim complementary lamps already available on the market. This means that I’ll have two pieces of wood with a hinge or cantilever in the middle, connected to a base. I’m not sure on the exact wood I’ll be using or what varnish (is any) I’ll be applying to it, but to help decide I first plan to order soft white LEDS with a warm color temperature and place some samples of various woods and coating under it, seeing what works best with the lighting.


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  • I think that this is a super fascinating project to undertake! I think that incorporating ambient lighting in a sleek way is a great way to elevate any space. A super interesting lamp design that I saw recently is the Dyson solarcycle morph. You should check it out for some inspo!

  • Riley Dressel
    March 12, 2023 7:14 pm

    Alexandr, this is a very interesting idea for your project! I have a lamp similar to the one pictured, though it is also metal as you stated. A wooden lamp would be a very nice addition to any room, as the natural tones are less stark than their metal counterparts. What do you plan to do with the wiring? Thread them up the lamp or along the side?


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