Functional Aesthetic

I would say my personal aesthetic is very broad and depends on my environment a lot, but the one common thread is that I put a lot of focus into functionality and usually this equates to comfort. I am not too concerned with looking “good” as much as I am feeling comfortable while still meeting the function and expectations of the situation.

I often weary baggy clothing, layers, accessories like a beanie, and comfortable shoes like sneakers. Even at work, I will wear neutral and simple colors and pieces and will always wear loafers instead of flats or heels.

Since I do a lot of outdoors activities, I also think a lot of my aesthetic is pretty outdoorsy, as well which falls nicely into the category of functional.

I think one of the 20th century design movements that share similarities with me is the Constructivism movement since it has an extreme emphasis on function over form, which can be seen in the below picture. While the overall aesthetic appears very different, I would say the intention is fairly similar with mine.

Constructivism (art) - Wikipedia

El Lissitzky‘s poster Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge (1919).

For my design project, I will be following this aesthetic somewhat because I want my project to be very functional and something that I can use and interact with beyond this project or just looking at it. While I want it to be interesting to look at, I don’t plan on putting too much emphasis on making it look traditionally beautiful. I think this makes sense since I would like to create a hydroponics system with a dynamic sculpture component, but storing it outdoors and using it for growing plants means that it will certainly get dirty and be exposed to harsher conditions.

Something like the following picture being integrated as the dynamic aspect of my project I think will be what I am aiming for.

Old Wooden Water Wheel Electric Generator Stock Photo 51390667 | Shutterstock

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  • Hi Holly, I think your idea of creating something with a functional aesthetic is very clever! Since you are planning on making a hydroponics system, functionality would mean that much more with the practicality of the piece. For the dynamic piece, you might be able to find a way to integrate it with the water flow to integrate it with the aesthetic.

  • I definitely relate to your “functional” aesthetic – everything that I wear both is practical and makes me feel comfortable. Your project inspiration is awesome! The idea behind making something practical out of materials that are practical is interesting. What will your project actually do? Where will you get the materials from?


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