Personal Aesthetic and Project Idea

Its difficult to sum up my personal aesthetic because it includes aspects of many types of other aesthetics. What initially pops in my head is the types of outfits I pick out daily.Currently my clothing would likely fall under a casual streetwear aesthetic; slim fit jeans, a t-shirt, vans or sneakers,  a hat and a hoodie.

I’m colorblind and matching is something I have always struggled with so I tend to stick to blue, black, white, and grey clothing because they all go fairly well together no matter what combination I randomly pick out of my closet. I have a bunch of shoes but they all generally fall under either skate shoes, sneakers, or slip-ons which all match a casual streetwear aesthetic.

For my project I plan on making a scaled down turntable model that incorporates aesthetics from some of my favorite bands from the 1960’s to the 1990’s. This would include Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, and Queen to name a few. I intend for a motor to drive the turn table which will ideally be turned on and off my moving the needle down and up. I wanna incorporate aspects of the bands famous album art work as well as aspects that makes each band recognizable and unique. I plan on including led lights to incorporate and highlight certain elements. I know I want to incorporate the Dark Side of the Moon album artwork by Pink Floyd by ideally using a real prism and finding a way to shine white light through it to produce a rainbow. I want elements like this to cover the turntable and the vinyl itself and rotate to give the audience a full view of the piece. If time permits I’d love to turn it into a Bluetooth speaker that spins while playing music but this may be too advanced for the time I have to complete this.


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  • Brewster Beck von Peccoz
    March 12, 2023 10:59 pm

    The idea to include a prism on the rotating table to refract light sounds really interesting and i’m excited to see how it turns out! How big do you plan to make the whole thing if it’s going to be “scaled down”? And what do you think your light source will be? a laser, or an LED? If you want to make it a speaker you could potentially find a cheap bluetooth monitor speaker and use its internals to make a basic speaker. Perhaps down-firing to keep the slim turntable aesthetic.

  • What’s up Grant! I didn’t know you were in this class haha. I think that your chosen aesthetic for your project is super dope. Are you planning on making the model turntable a speaker no matter what?


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