Main Project Plans and Inspiration

For my main project I want to implement an iris mechanism into a table. An iris mechanism is similar to what is used in a camera aperture that opens in a circular pattern. I want the top of the table have a rim that you can spin, and when you spin it, the center will open and an inner compartment will rise up and fill the center hole. I’m working on designs and trying to find examples of people who have done similar things for inspiration. The hardest part of this design will be creating a robust and precise mechanism that will be able to move fluidly and support weight. I know that I’ve seen a table that could be made bigger using a similar sort of mechanism before but I’m struggling to find it now.

The design is going to have to use some sort of gear mechanism so that might be a limitation on the size, however I’ll be working on ways to avoid that problem. This project is going to take a lot of types of manufacturing, and I’m anticipating using laser cutters, saws, and possibly lathes and mills too. I’m exciting to start working on this and will be updating as it comes along.

“File:Diaphragm Iris Types.svg.” Wikimedia Commons,

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