Double Pendulum Manufacturing Plan

For this blogpost I will be talking about the plans to create this double pendulum violin design. I have searched ways in order to create a double pendulum and a good video source is shown below. There are a lot of manufacturing videos similar to this so I think I will have pretty good guidance into making good joints and being sure that the pendulum will be able to move. In terms of having a pendulum that will move in the random motion like I would desire, I am unsure about the weighting and will need to figure that out with some research or through purely experimentation.

As can be seen the actual assembly will be relatively easy. I will be making this design out of wood. A lot of these pieces will be made out of laser cut wood and layered with glue. The real challenge of the project will be being able to weight the arms in a manor that will represent the project while also maintaining the random motion functionality.

Currently, I have been planning on using realism to try to make the product look like a real violin shape that would accurately pass for a violin. In this exercise, I will be trying to explore other aesthetics that could be used to as an alternative to the realism aesthetic that I have chosen. I have 3 favorites that I came up with. I am seriously thinking about replacing the realism aesthetic.


This aesthetic is a method of expressing reality through geometric shapes (almost exclusively cubes) As seen below is a representation of the cubism design idea that I could incorporate. I like this style because it is able to still clearly capture what the object being represented without losing too much. I also like this idea because it would make manufacturing a working model extraordinarily easier. In terms of representation it is not my favorite, however it is a great fallback method that I would thoroughly enjoy in the event current plans would become unattainable.

Baroque and Rococo:

This would be an ideal method. Being able to carve this in the front would be really beautiful, however I do think that it is outside of attainable goals simply due to the time requirement it would take to get the detail that I would want.

Arts & Crafts

I really enjoy this idea. I think that using hammered copper to represent the exposed wood color would give a rustic craftsman look to the piece without taking away from the realistic look I am aiming for. Since copper is dense, this would affect the weighting; however I think this would be worth it. I really like this idea and think that I will try to aim for this aesthetic design. I already have some good ideas for manufacturing and giving the copper the 3D effect I would want; however, I will first need to visit the manufacturing center before making such claims because I already am already working with some things I am unfamiliar with

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  • Ah! I like everything about your project, the double pendulum inspired aesthetics is so appealing. From Cubism to Baroque and Rococo. Particularly, I loved the Arts & Craft Aesthetics as it gives it certain raw look which I admire more personally.
    Looking forward to seeing the final project.


  • This is a cool exploration into how you could change the aesthetic. For the Baroque and Rococo idea, I wonder if you could laser engrave the etching lines, so you don’t have to do it by hand. This isn’t exactly true to form of the handmade details but could provide a modern approach to this aesthetic. I agree with you that cubism might be an easy prototype, but it is not the way to go for the final product.

  • Shrey Naresh Solanki
    March 18, 2023 6:23 pm

    The process of designing a double pendulum violin is fascinating to read about. It’s great to see the experiments of different design aesthetics, and I think the Arts & Crafts style could be a fantastic choice. The hammered copper would give the piece a distinct and rustic appearance while retaining the realistic design. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product of this project!


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