Main Project Aesthetics: Plans and Alternatives. Sketch your project in two wildly different aesthetics than the one you are planning. What if….?

If I did my project in a different aesthetic than the one I am planning.  Currently, I am planning on doing my project in a tranquil and whimsical way. I want to create a mirror in this aesthetic.

[1] Mirror in from Kendall Jenners Bathroom

The first what if, is if I did my project in a gothic aesthetic that would give the romantic aesthetic. It would have a mysterious and gloom that brings the romanesque art from the mid 12th century to 16th century. It is known for its pointed arches, crosses, and quatrefoils. If I were to create a mirror in a gothic aesthetic, I could have the quatrefoil on two edges, a curved arch, and very sharp edges in a dark metal.. I would want it to bring beauty into the space it is in in a dark romanticist aesthetic.

The second aesthetic that I think it would be interesting to do is the mirror in a mid century modern aesthetic. The mid century modern aesthetic is known for its sleek lines and simplistic designs. I would create a mirror that has slick arches on the top of the mirror with a wood frame. I think this would bean interesting way to fulfill the postmodern aesthetic.



[1] Rus, Mayer. “Inside Supermodel Kendall Jenner’s Tranquil Los Angeles Home.” Architectural Digest, 29 July 2020,

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  • I like the different aesthetics you chose, do you plan to get mirrors and alter them aesthetically? Will glass cutting come into the process?

  • I like the take on making your own home decor and trying to create something that we would normally just purchase. Do you have an idea of where the glass will be sourced from or do you already have it?


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