2 Different Aesthetics

Currently I am planning to do my final project with a simplistic and earthy aesthetic. i plan to create an infinity style box with a terrarium inside of it. That is the current plan as of now. I also tried to sketch this concept but with different concepts. The first concept i tried was brutalism architecture.

If i decide to go with this aesthetic I would try to create a city showing brutalism but also try to incorporate some graffiti onto the buildings to try to give it a dystopia kind of vibe to it as well. The trimmings of the outside of thee box would most likely be some type of aluminum painted in a matte gray to resemble concrete. The shape of the box would also be a square to make sure that the brutalism aesthetic shows throughout the project. With this idea, once looking inside the box it looked as if there was a whole city within the box. It would look very cool in my opinion but I am not too confident with this idea, it seems to simple and idk how i would incorporate something mechanical that is not just the LED lights.

The second concept I sketched out was also very simple but it incorporated the glowwave aesthetic. This aesthetic is influenced by bright lights such as neon lights and glow in the dark.

With this change of aesthetic I would replicate a neon sign using LED’s and diffusers. For those that might not know what diffusers are they are plastic covers that go over the LED’s these diffuse the light making them look like its one single light. Im not a fan of this idea as I have seen done multiple times and the only area where i can make it original would be with the lettering i decide to do. After seeing what the project could potentially look like through the sketch I will not be doing this idea.

After exploring the different aesthetics I will most likely stick to the original idea i had in mind. Instead of doing a box shape i will try to make an enneahedron box which is a box with nine sides. I looked up up this shape and it reminded me of a rock, I believe this shape would add onto the earthy aesthetic. Since I will be incorporating live plants I will have to put the LED’s outside the box on the corners to make sure light is still going into the box to achieve that two-way mirror effect. I will also put trimming around the edges to have a better seal, the trimmings will most likely be made out of aluminum painted matte black so it does not take the attention away from the inside of the box. Once looking inside the box it will seem as if there is an entire forest inside the box.

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  • Aryan Gandhi
    March 21, 2023 5:37 pm

    The idea of creating an infinity box with a terrarium inside is very intriguing, and I think the enneahedron shape you have chosen will add an interesting touch to the earthy aesthetic. Incorporating live plants is a great way to bring nature into the project and create a mini-forest inside the box. I also like the idea of using aluminum trimmings to give the box a sleek, modern look that doesn’t detract from the interior. Overall, I think your project has a lot of potential and I look forward to seeing how it turns out.


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