Art Deco and Stained Glass Jewelry Box (Specs and Constraints)

For my final project I have decided to move forward with the Art Deco and stained glass combination for the jewelry box! I believe this will contribute a level of intricacy, detail, and the artistic intent that I want to have in the final display.

 Top Five Specifications:

-I want the material of the jewelry box to be made of wood. Most likely a softwood like a Douglas fir because it is one of the cheapest softwoods and found in various common applications.

-I want the finish to be very smooth and pleasing to the eye. Potentially a dark walnut finish as this matches the furniture and styling of my current apartment.

-I want the aesthetic to conform to an art deco vibe with a stained glass addition. This involves some kind of symmetric pattern etched into the wood with gold accents and the stained glass for symbolism.

-For functionality, I want the interior to either be bare or have small hooks to organize the jewelry in combination with the brass hinge on the back to be able to open and close the lid.

-For size I want it to be approximately 5.5 x 3.5 x 2 inches (LxWxH)

Top Five Constraints:

Size: Big enough to hold loose jewelry but not too big where it takes up a lot of counter space in the bathroom.

Location: CU Boulder is the closest accessible woodshop which is 20 minutes away from me. I still need to take a tour of the ITLL so I can have unsupervised access. I will most likely have to do 80-90% of the project from the woodshop.

Cost: The stained glass kits and sources of wood can be expensive. I will try to snag free scrap wood and other resources like wood glue from the shop in order to keep costs low like the upcycling project.

Skill Set: I am minimally experienced when it comes to woodwork. The biggest thing will be using a table saw to cut the panels to size. The detail required for the wood engraving and pattern accuracy will take some time and planning. I’ve also never made stained glass before.

Tools/Materials: If I cannot get free wood from the shop I will have to do some upcycle sourcing or revert to a hardware store for the right kind of wood. I don’t own an engraving set so I need the proper tools to score the patterns. Figuring out the stained glass kit or just acquiring pieces of stained glass will be a fun task.

Walnut Box with art deco style inlayed top handcrafted. Etsy. Retrieved March 21, 2023, from


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  • Ankit Karkhanis
    April 28, 2023 3:19 pm

    Hi Rachel,
    I admire the detail you intend to include in your jewelry box design. You seem to have a great plan laid out already, I look forward to seeing your box in person! The ITLL is a great place for woodworking, they have very helpful student staff and you can always contact Jenn Boggs (Manufacturing center specialist), she is very helpful and can assist you personally with the tools and materials.

  • Alexander Hernacki
    April 2, 2023 8:44 pm

    I appreciate the detail added to our specifications, but am curious if you have any larger, overarching specifications that might have lead your current goals with this project?


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