While pursing this project one thing I keep coming back to is how cool it is that all of these consoles and games can be emulated with just one small device, and I want my final product to reflect that. Also, as I’m about to graduate and will be moving soon, (and all that I want to bring with me will have to fit in a Subaru Crosstrek), I realize it would be silly for me to put time and effort into a wall-mounted device that I would likely have to sell or leave behind when I move. So my project has now pivoted to making a custom controller-case for my Raspberry-Pi.

Picade Raspberry Pi Gaming Kit V2 (Raspberry Pi 4 Compatible)


The Pimoroni Picade and the Waveshare game-hat are both examples of small form factor emulators based around the Raspberry Pi. I want my project to be a nicer looking version of the game-hat with hopefully better/quieter buttons, perhaps even a smaller screen to make it ultra portable and last longer when not plugged in. I imagine I will still use it mostly as a console so ideally it could still be plugged in to a larger monitor and interface with other controllers.

I already have purchased a set of Arcade buttons and Joysticks for my previous wall-mounted arcade idea, however they are quite large -almost 2″ tall buttons, and they are all very loud. I’m thinking I will buy a cheap used xbox or ps controller online and scrap it for its buttons, maybe even try to use the controller itself as the core of my case.

Xbox one controller, good shape/style

The Game Boy Advance, hallmark of my childhood

The “Thumby” on Amazon, the very most portable.

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  • Very cool concept, very practical for someone on the move. Do you have any specific games your want to play on this device?

  • This is really cool! I have always been fascinated with emulators and I think making one yourself is really impressive, this is a project i can see myself pursuing at some point in the future. How do you intend to make the buttons quieter?


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