Top 5 specifications, top 5 constraints: Moss wall art

Top 5 Specifications:

1. Quality: Since I am investing so much time and money into this project I want the final result to be high quality and look professionally produced. My goal is to have this as a piece of art for a long time and hopefully put it up in a future house of mine.

2. Interactivity: This installation needs to be interactive to meet the project requirements for my Arduino programming class. For this requirement, I plan on using an ultrasonic sensor to tell the distance between the user and the installation and change the color of the LEDs accordingly.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing: The final artifact needs to have a strong natural aesthetic to it and be visually and aesthetically pleasing.

4. Hangable: The installation needs to be able to be hung so I purchased a picture hanging kit to attach to the wood.

5. Flexibility: The installation needs to look good with or without the LEDs. I don’t want the LEDs to be visible when they aren’t turned on.

Top 5 Constraints:

1. Time: This project is going to take a lot of time and energy and budgeting my time correctly has been important. Just getting the materials alone for this project has so far taken roughly 3 hours so I am needing to account for the length of how long this is going to take.

2. Cost: Originally I had wanted to keep the cost for this project under $200 however after buying all the wood and materials the cost is roughly $250. I believe there is some moss I ordered that I am not going to end up needing/ using so returning that may make a $40 or so difference in the overall price tag of the project but I am learning wood, electronics, and moss are not cheap.

3. Skills: Programming the LEDs and the sensors are going to potentially provide a bit challenging as well as laying out the electronics in an efficient and space-effective manner.

4. Accuracy: The ideas for my design have gone through a few iterations but creating the final product is going to be very final with little ability to move things around once everything is glued.

5. Iteration: Once the LEDs are placed and glued I will be unable to make any changes to them.

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  • Holly Young
    May 9, 2023 4:46 pm

    Hi Bodhin, I like that your project specs are related to your modern technology side (Arduino LEDs) and also the nature side with the plants. It sounds like a very cool project that has diverse aspects to it. I know that LEDs have a sticky back to them in the past, I have not used this part and just hung them with removable wall hangers, so this could be a solution to your removability constraint.

  • Anil Antony Karathra
    April 20, 2023 12:24 pm

    Hey Bodhin, I love your idea for this project! Do you think that integrating electronics into the artifact would affect the maintenance in any way? Especially if the moss needs watering?


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