Design Project Progress since Design Review

So during my design review I had started to print out the pieces for the flower that opens and closes. During the Design Review I revealed that the scope of my project shifted to less components due to a printing issue. The printing issue was the size of the printer bed, it was simply too small which caused the teeth of the petals to sag and cause interference. So now, I’ve currently printed a different petal using a Markforge printer. It should hold the part better, and also be stronger and less brittle than the last material. It’s currently printing and I will be picking it up later today. If the print succeeds, then I’ll be able to print the rest of my parts there and assemble them together for the final.

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  • Hi Heider, I’m sorry to hear about the setbacks with the project. If you are able to get the parts to work together from 3d printing, do you think you’ll make this project again with other material such as polymers or metal?

  • Jose Salgado
    April 24, 2023 3:30 pm

    Great progress Heider. I am excited to see your end result. How are the electronic components for your project looking?


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