This is gonna be a lot like my progress update.

First I got the two donor bikes, and cut off the head tube of the kids bike. The idea is to weld the cut head tube to the purple frame and then weld the steering stems together to make the extension work. This will let me run the 20 inch front end and get a lot more clearance for the cargo rack.

With that done I put together the rack, running supports from the seat tube to the new head tube and extending them over the wheel. Then adding some square stock.

I cleaned up the welds a little, tore down the components and got to paint. I sanded the whole thing then put on a few coats of purple primer, sanding in between. Then I added a clear sparkle effect and a coat or two of clear coat. All rattle can all the time.


After that it was polish time, so I cleaned up all the metal bits and polished the forks, rims, and bars with aluminum foil and vinegar.

Then I assembled everything with the widest tires I could find and some matching grips. At the moment I’m using old bike tubes to strap things down to the rack and everything has been good. Even took a couple potholes head on and didn’t die.




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