Aesthetic Exploration: Nature Core

The aesthetic I chose to study is known as ‘nature core’. The reason I chose to use this aesthetic is because I can relate to it quite well. This aesthetic has been around for a long time as it is a very popular posting subject on many apps and websites such as Instagram and Pinterest. However, it only recently took a strong foot hold onto society as its been incorporated into a newer platform called TikTok. TikTok, is now one of the largest apps in the world with millions of users scrolling for daily for hours through its feed. Its major upbringings were greatly aided when everyone had to quarantine during 2020 as it was one of the main sources of entertainment for many. As time went on people started to realize the brainwashing taking place in the app. This is when Nature Core is introduced.

Out of no where there were thousands of new videos based around this aesthetic gaining tons of popularity. At the core,  this aesthetic is a way to have people realize the addiction they are in and persuade them to ease their minds with nature. It has become a movement that encourages others to implement nature into their content. However, it is not just merely showing a few pictures of landscapes, but rather showing the beauty of tranquility in our world and how much we have drifted away from it.

As this aesthetic grows people are creating new ways to incorporate it into their videos. From cooking videos in the middle of nowhere, to dance challenges in scenic views, Nature Core has become a refreshing aspect for those who spend most of their day online. One key element to this aesthetic is its ability to bring people closer to their environment and encourage them to explore some more. In a time where screens and digital interactions are common on a daily this ‘trend’ gives those a reason or motivation to go outside and enjoy the beaty of our surroundings.

For me, a major aspect of Nature Core is its impact on mental health. As more people begin incorporating this ‘trend’ into their content, it encourages the prioritization of their mental and physical health. Nature has been proven to give positive effects on reducing stress, anxiety, and anger. With this knowledge there are some content creators leveraging this by sharing their outdoors experiences, whether it is hiking, yoga, or even taking a nap outside.

TikTok has always been a platform aimed at encouraging creativity and innovation, and Nature Core perfectly aligns with its values which gives explanation on why it has become so popular. The most common content related  to it begins with a fast forwarded video of someone scrolling on TikTok as the audio quickly blurs and the speed increases until there is no sound left. At this moment, it transitions into soothing aerial views of any type of landscape one could think of. It is a very simple idea that has left a large audience captivated.




“(4) The Dolomites (Italy) © G. Riva”


“(6) Santiago Urquijo”



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  • Collin Ruprecht
    January 29, 2024 12:24 pm

    I thought that the image selection was very good and I enjoyed the vibrant scenery. I also liked that you touched on the benefit of nature as it relates to mental health. In the future it might be beneficial to add captions below the images.

  • Jace Aschbrenner
    January 25, 2024 5:59 pm

    Hello Kyle,
    This is a great aesthetic and video design trend! I always enjoy getting to see those videos of people cooking out in nature. I actually only use Instagram occasionally, so a lot of this content was new to me.
    I find it interesting that a common video design method is to blur out “doom-scrolling” and replace it with stunning natural views. It is a great use of contrast that shows us how dull and brainwashed we can become in the infinite TikTok algorithm.
    As far as mental health goes, I have seen the remedy of nature a lot amongst suggestions to improve people’s mental state. I am a runner, and honestly it is such a mental and emotional release to go running or hiking out on the trails of Boulder. I have also seen the “Nature Core” design trend in company buildings, hotels, and compact apartments, all of which could induce boredom, stress, and anxiety. It would be a really interesting improvement to investigate where else this aesthetic has appeared in our daily lives!


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