Post 1 – 2024 Aesthetics Explorations: Icelantic Skis

The above image is by (1) Icelantic, Parr, 2024, This illustrates the 2023/2024 Pioneer 86 skis. The art on the topsheet was created by Travis Parr.

Icelantic is a ski company that was started in Colorado in 2005. The company handmakes their own skis, and they add super cool art prints to the top of the skis. The aesthetic I am specifically showing are the 2023/2024 Pioneer 86 skis, which are a part of the All-Mountain line. Travis Parr is an artist and co-founder of Icelantic. They described the “approach to the All-Mountain line” as “somewhat literal”. On the skis there are all of the different mountain ranges that are painted using “vibrant color tones… to depict the richness of nature”.

The above image is by (2) Icelantic, 2024, This is the aesthetic for the Icelantic logo.

The above image is by (2) Icelantic, 2024, This is the base of the skis. 

The art on top of the skis uses brown, black, and white colors that contrast with each other a lot to highlight the mountain ranges. They have a unique slanted pattern running across the skis so that the left ski looks a little different from the right and so you can tell which ski is left vs right. The snowy parts of the mountains run to the edge of the skis and blend in with the snow on the ground to create a cool aesthetic while actually using the skis at the slopes. The bottom of the skis are black with “Icelantic” written on them as well as the company logo. The logo is a really cool depiction of 1 degree Celsius which represents the temperature at which water changes to snow. This really adds to the aesthetic and branding for the skis.

The above image is by (1) Icelantic, Parr, 2024, The artwork was created by Travis Parr. 

Icelantic’s mission is to “create a product and experience that inspires people to Return To Nature…and to create a culture that leaves the world better than we found it”. On Icelantic’s website, they have a video showcasing the skis in nature around mountains and trees to further hi-light how the artwork represents nature. 

The image above is by (2) Icelantic, 2024, This shows the dimensions of the skis. 


In addition to the artwork on top, the geometry of the ski also is a part of the aesthetic. The ski is 86 mm underfoot and 174 cm in length. This is both a performance as well as aesthetic design consideration. Ski styles are currently trending towards shorter and more wide skis vs long and narrow skis and although this is one of the more narrow skis Icelantic manufactures, it is still much wider than skis in the past to meet the aesthetic trends around today.

The image above is by (2) Icelantic, 2024, This illustrates the ski geometry. 

The profile of the ski also drives the aesthetic. It has a tip and tail rocker with the tip rocker being 64.8 mm high and 31 cm long and a tail rocker being 19.7 mm high and 21 cm long. The reason for this choice in profile dimensions is to create a “more directional aesthetic and better acceleration out of your turn”. The front rocker is larger than the tail which fits the typical aesthetic for directional skis as opposed to skis that have the same rocker on the front and back which takes the directionality out of the ski. People who ski all mountain terrain typically like the directional aesthetic and they are typically not skiing backwards (switch). A lot of people that ski in the terrain park like twin tip or non-directional skis because they not only allow them to ski backwards more easily, but it also is a style and aesthetic trend. 

(1) Icelantic, Parr, 2024,

(2) Icelantic, 2024,

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  • Collin Ruprecht
    January 29, 2024 12:18 pm

    It was cool to learn that a ski company can be its own aesthetic. I thought the graphics on the post were very informative and effectively conveyed the information. One thing I’d recommend doing in the future is describing how the skiier would view the art while on the slopes. Does the perspective/aesthetic change when riding vs viewing the whole ski?

  • It was great reading about this particular brand of skis and their design language. The post was very detailed and summarized the Icelantic skis well. One thing that might be nice to include is how the design of these skis compares to others in the industry.


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