The aesthetic that I am interested in emulating for my upcycle project can be described as Upcycled Bibliophilia. Bibloiophilia being the love of books. I have been making an effort to read much more recently and I have a small bookshelf in my room, that I also thrifted. It is not particularly nice or pleasing to the eye so I would like to make a sort of upcycled combination of the two.

My initial idea is to mold a bunch of thrifted books into the shape of a bookcase using epoxy or something clear so that the covers of the books are visible. I think this would be an interesting use of books, sort of solidifying them in time, on the other hand it could be nice to be able to interchange the books. Another idea I had for the bookshelf is to have ‘permanent’ books on each shelf level in different positions. This could be designed in a way that it is pleasing to the eye yet functional as well, being a book stop.

I have some concerns with the costs associated with epoxy as well as the logistics of pouring as much epoxy at one time as I think it will require. I may have to pivot directions due to this, only in terms of fastening methods. It would be nice to have the bookshelf be made solely out of books as I think it would complete the design better.

I am also still playing with the design of the bookshelf, with the likelihood being that it will not made in the conventional shape. Two reasons for doing this would be the ease of actually fabricating the bookshelf, the less books I have to use and the smaller the book planks are, the more likely I can get it to work. I also think that it creates a better opportunity for personal design, through changing the form of the bookshelf.


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  • Kyra Anderson
    February 3, 2024 4:12 am

    Hi Chris! This idea seems super cool and I love that you want a unique way display your books. I really like the idea of making it not into the traditional rectangular book case, but instead creating a more organic shape which seems like it would add such a fun aspect to your room decor. I was wondering if you are planning on organizing the books by color or by something else to add another aesthetic element to the book case?

    • Chris Wachuta
      February 4, 2024 9:30 pm

      Thanks for the comment. I haven’t gotten that far but that is a really good suggestion. If I am able to non-permanently mount the books then that is definitely an option.


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