Post 2: Upcycling Project Aesthetic – Cottagecore/Naturecore


Sewing, crocheting, and patchwork are crafts that have been cherished for generations. Sewing involves stitching fabrics together with a needle and thread to make clothes and household items. Crocheting uses a hooked needle to create patterns with yarn or thread, making everything from blankets to delicate lacework. Patchwork is about sewing small fabric pieces together to form larger designs, often seen in quilts. These crafts offer creative outlets and practical skills, inviting individuals to explore their imagination through the art of textile work. [1]


For my project I will be doing a combination of the Cottagecore aesthetic and Nature aesthetic (Naturecore). Cottagecore and Naturecore aesthetics celebrate simplicity and a connection to nature. Cottagecore cherishes rural life, with its cozy cottages, gardens, and traditional crafts. Naturecore focuses on nature itself, highlighting forests, wildlife, and outdoor experiences. I chose this aesthetic because I enjoy nature and the earthy tones that are inline with nature. Cottagecore gives very calming and simple aspects in life and is visually appealing for me. I want to incorporate these elements into my upcycle design and promote sustainability. This aesthetic can create a combination of rustic charm and natural beauty by repurposing scraps of fabric to create a cozy, quilt-like design on jeans. Upcycling clothing can create a unique expression of sustainable fashion that celebrates the beauty of nature while embracing the art of handmade craftsmanship. [2]


I have an advanced/intermediate experience in these textile categories. I have used a sewing machine for many different projects. For example, I sewed a dress for a project about the history of the sewing machine, I used to work for a quilting company, and I used to take old clothes and either alter them or create something new (ex. jeans into a bucket hat). I also wanted to incorporate a hobby of mine which is crocheting. I used to crochet many different things like clothes, accessories, and objects (ex. granny square tote bag). By incorporating many different strengths and textile styles, I am able to create a product that will be useful for me in the future and using previous materials. [3]



I plan to use a pair of jeans I already have, yarn and a crochet hook, and scrap fabric in earthy tones. I will start by planning out the placements and designs on my iPad to format my design. I thankfully have access to the BTU Lab in the Atlas building so I will be able to use the fabrication and sewing machines there. In my initial thoughts, I would like to use the patchwork fabric to cover specific parts of the pants (either the sides or front/pockets), and use crochet to cover holes in the jeans or the bottom cuffs of the jeans. The materials that I will need are a pair of jeans (I prefer wide leg/straight leg), scrap fabric (patterned and in green and beige colors), white yarn and a crochet hook, and a sewing machine. [4] [5]


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