For my upcycling project, I am planning on creating a sculpture out of scrap tools and fasteners. I have been finding it difficult to pinpoint the exact aesthetic of this idea. Industrial, engineering, scrap metal art, are some aesthetics I could connect to this design. For the sculpture, I am deciding whether or not it will be a person, animal or something completely different.

. I think a person in some pose or in the middle of an action would be pretty cool. I don’t want it to be overly complicated, just enough to get a sense of what it is and have a little fun experimenting with it. I plan to work with the idea forge machine shop to source scrap tools that they may have. I have already talked with some of the machinists and they say that they could definelty provide me with some materials. I have also been looking on craigslist for crappy tools people are selling and I am planning of scouting out a local goodwill or salvation army to see if they have anything useful. Here are a few examples of scrap metal art from various artists:

From these examples you can see the use of various fasteners, tools, and even silverware in their designs. I think the creativity involved can create so many possibilities. Once I source my materials, I think it will be a lot easier to concept a design, where I can lay things out and get creative with the utilization of various pieces. I am really interested in this style because it involves welding and metal shaping adding a bit of complexity to the process. There is also a possibility of instead of welding, I would bronze solder things together like when plumbers bronze pipes together. This may be easier and give more room for movement while creating the sculpture. I have a cousin who is a sculpture artist that does similar style pieces which gave me a bit of inspiration for this design. I think I could easily gift this to someone in my family and could be a great garden ornament.

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  • Wow, this is a great Idea! I like the idea of upcycling waste from the school. What do you think about incorporating non-metal objects and blending them with the welded metal to make something even bettter?

  • I really like this idea for a project Ethan! I think that it is a good scope and will be a good level of challenge. I was wondering if you have any experience welding or have access to a welding unit for this project. I am excited to see what you decide to make. Have you considered making any inanimate objects like a car or chair or are you committed to a living thing?


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