As someone who has a growing record collection, I have been getting increasingly into music from the ’70s. I have always enjoyed music from this time period but hearing original pressed records through my record player has only boosted my appreciation. Artists like the Doors, Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane, Three Dog Night, and David Bowie are some of my favorites.

For this upcycling project, I wanted to combine my love for vinyl, the aesthetics of the 1970s, and the need for a bedside table in my room. To accomplish this goal, I am planning to fabricate a side table using an old record as the top surface. This idea already exists on Etsy and similar DIY websites (see the image below), but I would like to add more storage (potentially for some of my records) features to the design. I intend to use a damaged/unplayable record that has a band/song I like on it and to purchase it from a thrift or record store.


Another idea that I would like to pursue is to encapsulate my design with aesthetic features seen in the 1970s. Simply putting a record on a support structure and calling it a day does not necessarily follow a specific aesthetic. In terms of what I want to implement, my two features will be a ’70s color palette/patterns on the top record surface and time-period accurate support structure design.

Focusing first on the color aspect, I plan to take inspiration from common palettes and patterns from the 1970s. These patterns will most likely be printed on adhesive-backed paper and stuck to the record or printed on normal paper and covered in resin/epoxy to form a top clear coat.


As the image above depicts, the motifs from the ’70s often feature floral patterns with continuous, wavy lines alongside a specific set of colors. The designs that go on top of the record are not solely restricted to simple patterns but can also include images of musicians, vehicles, and other cultural aspects of the time that I personally like.

In terms of the table’s support structure or stand, I plan to purchase a 2nd-hand stool, table, chair, or other appropriate item. I will have to use some tools to modify the item so that the record can be mounted to it appropriately. I do not want to just use any stand, but rather one that also aligns with the design aspects of the 1970s.


Pictured above is a Swedish-designed circular side table from the ’70s that caught my attention while doing research. The unique continuous wire-style construction would be something that I may look for when selecting a base for this table. There are also other more traditional three and four-leg wooden designs that could potentially work as well.

When this upcycling project was first introduced, I knew that I wanted to make a functional product. Through this project, I hope to create something that will be useful and last for a long time while appealing to my allure with the 1970s.

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  • Collin Ruprecht
    February 5, 2024 9:29 pm

    Cool idea and I think the 1970s aesthetic will fit really well. I’m excited to see how the final product turns out! One question I had is: how are you planning to attach the record to the legs? Could you just have one central leg with a large base?

    • I am planning to use some sort of adhesive/epoxy to attach the record to the base. Depending on what I find at the thrift stores, I may be able to incorporate the single leg idea.

  • Jadin Zaccagnino
    February 2, 2024 1:03 pm

    I think this is a really cool idea that can be easily conformed to an aesthetic. The concept of using a record as a table top is a unique conversation starter that can be expanded in multiple ways, including your storage idea. As just an idea that came up for me while reading this, I think you could accomplish your record-storage goal by making the table top a thicker cylinder that opens up to accept a stack of records, with your aesthetic applied to the outside of the cylinder body.

    • I think that the storage idea is really cool, but one thing I need to consider is that the records are stored in square cardboard covers. I could have a box-like section under the table top to store them in the way you described, but I’m not sure how seamless that would look.

  • This looks fascinating and your plan to use the colors and funky designs with the record seems to pull your aesthetic together well. I wonder if there is a way to implement the colors and fun aesthetic into your base instead of just doing the black wire legs. Maybe different colors or using a pattern cover over it?

    • Yes – adding more of the aesthetics to the base as well would be something to consider. I think the idea of a pattern over the legs would look good.


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