For my upcycling project, I want to focus on an industrial aesthetic. I want to include some wood into the project as well and give it a hint of modern organic to make it feel a little more homey. When brainstorming this project I came up with 3 different ideas an industrial pipe shelf, an industrial lamp, and an industrial-style bar cart. These projects all use similar materials and any project with this aesthetic would as well. These project ideas are initial and are subject to change.

The shelf above is a shelf made by melody house find them at

For my first project idea, I thought it might be interesting to build an industrial pipe shelf. The industrial pipe shelf project is a prime example of turning basic materials into a functional and visually striking piece of furniture. Black steel pipes, typically used in plumbing, serve as the main building blocks. These pipes are paired with pipe fittings such as elbows, tees, and flanges to create a sturdy. Using wooden planks might add a little more personality to the design. The combination of the raw, industrial look of the pipes with the warmth and character of the wood creates a unique and aesthetically pleasing piece. The materials used in this project not only offer a robust and durable structure but also contribute to a sustainable approach by repurposing both metal and wood elements. To add a little more complexity to the project I might also look into adding some other functional features to the shelf like a light or something along those lines. 

The lamp above is made by Edison Light Globes find them at

My final idea was an industrial-style bar cart. Much like the other two ideas, this bar cart would incorporate black steel pipes and reclaimed wood to make a functional, aesthetic piece of furniture. This idea came to me after thinking about how to make the industrial pipe shelf a little more complex. To add further complexity, incorporating Edison bulbs somewhere might look very interesting.  

the barcart made above is from pipe decor find them at

By utilizing discarded materials such as black steel pipes, fittings, and reclaimed wood, we can create functional art pieces that contribute to a more sustainable and visually appealing living environment.

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  • Matthew, your ideas for the upcycling project are very compelling. They demonstrate creativity and a keen eye for the industrial aesthetic while incorporating design elements that will introduce elements of warmth and sustainability. What are the potential challenges that you see each of these designs presenting during the execution phase? I am interested in seeing which design you will ultimately pursue and how it turns out.

  • Jason Allshouse
    February 4, 2024 10:54 am

    Bang-up job Matthew! You laid out the industrial aesthetic in an interesting fashion and I’m excited to see what you produce for the upcycle project! Only improvement I can see is adding a featured image, but maybe it’s just a problem on my end. Overall, great work!


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