The Opposite of Skateshop Aesthetic

For my Upcycle project, I am designing an iPad holder that fits in the skateshop aesthetic. I go into detail about this aesthetic in my previous post, but to summarize, the skateshop aesthetic has the following traits:

  • Graffiti style graphics
  • Colorful
  • Equipment focused (decks, trucks, wheels, stickers)
  • Lots of exposed wood
  • Hats and Hoodies
  • Loose fitting clothing

Really if something looks like it belongs in a skateshop it probably fits into the skateshop aesthetic. It was tough to think of an opposite aesthetic, but I believe the corporate office aesthetic is the most different. This aesthetic could be summarized by anything that looks like it belongs in a corporate office. This includes objects that have the following characteristics.

  • Clean
  • Polished
  • Organized
  • Neutral colors
  • Office equipment (computers, desks, chairs, Cubicles)
  • Bright fluorescent lighting

I found some images that I believe reflect this aesthetic. Over time this aesthetic has transformed a little as designers are trying to make work environments more positive and comfortable, but the images below reflect the corporate office aesthetic that I am picturing.

Meridian Design’s NY Corporate Office Design [1]

DECOR Nigeria Office Design [2]

I also asked some AI image generators to create images that reflect the corporate office aesthetic and I am really impressed by what they came up with. These images definitely match what I think of as the corporate office aesthetic.

Koala AI rendering of the corporate office aesthetic [3]

FY! Studio AI rendering of the corporate office aesthetic [4]

I have thought about ways that I could style my project so that it fits into the corporate office aesthetic. First off, the concept of an iPad holder fits perfectly into this aesthetic, but I would have to do a lot of work with the materials I have chosen to make them fit into the aesthetic. I do not see how I would be able to use the wheels or trucks in the design, but the deck could definitely be used. Below I have sketched a possible design using the skateboard deck. 

I would only use the center section of the board, since the nose and tail make it obvious the piece was made from a skateboard and skateboards do not really fit into the corporate office aesthetic. One thing that is hard to convey in the sketch is the finish I would put on the wood. Instead of covering it in stickers like I am doing for my project, I instead would have to sand it down and polish it using a polyurethane wood finish. Since I am using a used skateboard deck, I would also have to clean up the edges of the board. The design would be simple, clean, functional, and fit perfectly into a corporate office.



[1] Meridian Design, New York, NY, Corporate Client’s NY Office, 2020


[2] Decor Nigeria, Ikoyi Office Design


[3] Koala AI


[4] FY! Studio, Prints, Prompt: corporate office aesthetic            


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  • Dear Mr. Sanchez, I was really drawn to your choice of opposite aesthetic as it inspired me to decide upon an opposite aesthetic for myself. As your upcycle project takes the outdoor activity of skateboarding into the home, I too believe that my project encapsulates that same passion. Accordingly, I really loved how your hand drawn artwork beautifully ties together not only your upcycle aesthetic, but also the opposite aesthetic proving that any form of art can be transitional despite their backgrounds. One question I have for you would be if you plan to finish your project with a clear epoxy as to preserve any wear and tear on the stickers you plan to use.

    • My dearest John, I am glad my post helped you with your opposite aesthetic search. I am also really glad you enjoyed my high quality hand drawing and the hours I spent on it were not for nothing. As of now I do not plan on finishing my project with a clear epoxy. First I would like to add a hole for a charger and possibly a way to secure the iPad. After that I believe adding a clear finish would be a magnificent addition.


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