Contrasting Scandinavian Aesthetic: Cluttercore

The Scandinavian simplistic design and Cluttercore are two contrasting approaches to aesthetics, each embodying different principles and visual philosophies. Scandinavian design uses clean lines, minimalism, and a focus on functionality. It is also characterized by a muted color palette, often using neutral tones, to emphasize simplicity and create a sleek look. In contrast, Cluttercore represents abundance, mirroring a maximalist approach where excess, diverse patterns, and bright colors are used [1]. The style tries to create an overwhelming sensation, with many objects and decorations cluttering the space.

Cluttercore aesthetics applied to a room

If I used the Cluttercore principles in a plant vase, a significant outcome from the sleek Scandinavian look would occur. Because Cluttercore uses so many embellishments, a wide variety of colors, and unique materials, the minimalistic charm of the Scandinavian design would be replaced with a more convoluted and chaotic aesthetic.

Potential look of a Cluttercore-inspired plant vase


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  • Hi Ari, I really liked you post on the contrast between the scandinavian and cluttercore aesthetic! The cluttercore really is an opposite and while I am more of a minimalist person, I like the example picture of cluttercore that you provided. I also liked your example of how the vase would look in the opposing aesthetic. Do you find yourself more minimalistic or cluttercore in your daily life / at home?


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