Post 4: Opposite Upcycle Aesthetic

For my upcycle aesthetic I have decided to take one of my favorite outdoor activities inside as a unique piece that I can hang on my bedroom wall. In summary, I plan to accomplish this through the recycling of old electrical wire I have lying around my home. Through manipulating the wire, I plan to create the illusion of rock climbers climbing up my wall. As a contrasting opposite aesthetic I have decided to explore the world of outdoor living spaces. The reason I choose this is because I am trying to take my outdoor aesthetic into the home whereas outdoor living spaces are trying to take the indoor to outside of the home. I personally really like the outdoor living aesthetic as it creates a comfortable space for people to engage with each other outside of the home. Below I have included some examples of this opposite aesthetic, all of which have their own unique style and function.

The figure above presented by (1) shows a beautiful outdoor living space which seamlessly incorporates this outdoor living area to this home. What makes this space so great is the incorporation of a large bar seating area that is mirrored with a full outdoor grilling area. The ability to cook food for your guest while they enjoy a beverage of choice really makes this space a full package when it comes to entertaining guests. Accordingly, the patio covering with incorporated lighting provides the ability to enjoy this space day or night with the added amenity of having a flat screen TV to enjoy all your favorite programs.

This next outdoor living space presented by Ridgeline Construction Group Inc. (2) shows a great example of how you can transform your backyard to have the benefits of the outdoors but still incorporate the homely inside feel that a living room would provide. What I like most about this space is the fact that they have retained a traditional living room set up with the fireplace orientation, coffee table, and seating arrangement. Additionally, I really enjoy the fact that this space is completely covered from the elements which adds the ability to be outside enjoying your favorite book despite rain or snow.

This last example of this outdoor living space aesthetic presented by McAdams Remodeling and Design (3) has to be my favorite outdoor space as it really feels open to the outdoors. With a stone fireplace, outdoor dining table, long bar seating area, and heating lamps located up in the rafters, this space incorporates all the major elements that make a truly comfortable space. Accordingly, the overall amount of space as well as the open wall design provides this space with the ability to host large gatherings without feeling as if they are running out of space. Additionally, I like how there is free standing furniture which enables the home owner to re-arrange, add, and remove different pieces of furniture to create a truly custom feel to this outside home decor. Lastly, I do believe there is lighting elements that have been incorporated into the ceiling which would provide a warm feeling to this space day and night.

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  • Garrett Miller
    February 18, 2024 8:18 pm

    Hello Mr. Chuck Bileschi! I think is a very interesting opposite aesthetic. I find it interesting that combining indoors and outdoors in both directions creates a cool and interesting aesthetic. I wonder what your project would like if you went the other direction?

    • Sir Miller,
      I thank you for your insightful commentary as it relates to my post. In regards to your question, I do believe that switching directions would be not only exciting but uniquely challenging. As I embark on my future projects I will be sure to keep the thought of your insight at the top of my mind.

  • This is such a unique opposite aesthetic! I liked how you considered how you were trying to bring the outdoors in and then tried to figure out how to bring the indoors out. I love outdoor living spaces like these, especially in the summer! What would your design look like if you were to follow this aesthetic?

    • Great question Sophia, given the time to follow this aesthetic I would like to go down the route of incorporating the natural landscape of my backyard in order to create a outdoor decor space that not only benefits from the furniture but also that of the backyard itself. For example, digging down in a large circular fashion to create a fireplace would be a great way to use the natural insulation of the earth without the need for an oversized fireplace.


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