Opposite Upcycle Aesthetic: Cyberparadism

The opposite aesthetic to my project of “ocean punk” would be cyberparadism. While this still follows the “cyberpunk” theme of what my aesthetic is, it mirrors it in its paradise style. Cyberparadism is focused around a post-cyberpunk world, generally showing a utopia that is often compared to a Garden of Eden or the Elysian Fields. In this, technology has gone far past what we can imagine today and reaches a level where economics and conventional labor are no longer, so the people of this world can focus on goals of scientific prowess or even spiritual enlightenment. This is reflected in the way society is layed out, with more interconnected communities working together towards one common goal. 

From the materials I have gathered for my project, it would not be hard to transform them from a oceanpunk art piece into cyberparadism art piece. All of my materials are base materials and base colors so I would need to construct a new background and scene. First I would take the cardboard/ pizza box and create a new background. Instead of going for a pure black and dark background, I would most likely go with a beautiful scenic background with cyberparadism buildings and large gardens between and around them. This would be the most difficult part as it would test my artistic skills. Instead of a scuba tank as the centerpiece I would transform the can into something much more. Although this isn’t a part of my original materials, I may also be able to incorporate some LED lights. This would be used to light up some of the background and also the center piece to capture the futuristic aspect of this scene. The plastic I will use can also be easily transformed into something for this scene. I could potentially use them for more structures, perhaps walkways around the centerpiece or abstract futuristic structures. 

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  • Hi Cannon, I’ve never heard of cyberparadism and I think it is such a less well known aesthetic in general that is mashed together with organic cyberpunk stuff but it is clearly its own unique style. Very fun to learn about, I can’t wait to see your final design!

  • Cannon – it was interesting to learn about cyberparadism in your post. It would be cool to see a visual representation of what your project would look like in this style.

  • Jace Aschbrenner
    February 18, 2024 1:14 pm

    Hi Cannon! This is a cool opposite of your current aesthetic. I enjoyed how you discussed a parallel design project where you used cyber-paradism instead of cyberpunk. I was wondering, though, because there are substantial connections between this aesthetic and the one in your project, were there any other aesthetics you considered defining as your project’s opposite?


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