Opposite Upcycle Aesthetic: Streetwear Aesthetic

What I found to be the opposite of a fantasy or otherworldly aesthetic to the project I am doing is a street fashion aesthetic. To me, something that is grounded in reality is something that is the exact opposite of a fantasy aesthetic is one that is rooted in reality, and in this case, it is a streetwear aesthetic. Puffy jackets, baggy clothes, denim, and cargo pants are all styles and aspects of this aesthetic. Streetwear aesthetic originates with the black and brown community and was first founded in New York City and Brooklin. It holds cultural significance in the hip-hop and block party community.

What I think is crucial about my project is the shape of its frame, being the large shoulders and the slim body. To give the piece shape I wanted to personify a triangle shape with the outfit and body. What I did in the opposite style aesthetic, was add large puffy jacket shoulder pads and added an oversized jersey under it. The puffy shoulder pads had a similar role to the metal shoulder pads, in pushing the shape out in the shoulders and letting the bottom be flowy. The oversized jersey, is a similar role to the chainmail, being something flowy and not form-fitting.

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  • Aryan Pramod Gandhi
    February 28, 2024 11:57 pm

    Hi Cole, I totally adore this opposite aesthetic and seems like it has various different elements to it and is very mesmerizing . It’s a very creative approach.Turning something that fits into this streetwear aesthetic is definitely not simple, but it’s quite fascinating.

  • Brandon Phillips
    February 18, 2024 9:06 pm

    Hi Cole, I love this opposite aesthetic and all the different elements of it that you described. I wonder if there would be any way to turn that chainmail base into something that fits into this streetwear aesthetic. It definitely wouldn’t be easy!

  • Cole,
    I think this is a creative interpretation of the opposite aesthetic. Your sketch was super helpful to understand the vision you had, which I think you did well. Your description of the streetwear aesthetic was well crafted, I just wish I you had incorporated a headwear aspect of your sketch.


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