Post 4: Opposite Upcycle Aesthetic

The oppose of my industrial aesthetic that I will be doing for my bedside table is something I like to call an organic aesthetic. Industrial design typically entails very geometric shapes, darker colors, and a colder less warm look. To create the opposite of that I believe the material choice is very important.

To achieve a more fun and playful aesthetic a shiny colored plastic can be used for the entire table, I envision a bright red color. The top is circular while the sides are curved to create a more organic shape. Throughout the bedstand there are cubbies with small shelves to hold books, phones, etc. These cubbies will also be formed into more rounded shapes enticing the user to explore various way to showcase items and what not. Now, if I were to make this on my own, the materials that I would need would be very different that the ones I’m currently using for my current project. To make this, the only practical way of doing this is to 3d print each section layer by layer and then stick them all together, this can be done with colored PLA. The only design feature that would be hard to create is the glossy texture, this can be done by sanding down the printed material and coating it with some sort of epoxy to create a smooth finish. If I were to manufacture and sell this piece it would ideally be injection molded which would allow for the correct finish and single piece construction.

This design is a large contrast to the one I’m currently working on which is a much simpler and colder design (which fits the aesthetic of my room with black metal and wood). This new design while I see it as aesthetic pleasing would stick out in my room and would be more in place in a room with more color, fun patterns, and overall more decorated.  Because of that I’m happy with my current design choice but would love to own something with a similar aesthetic to the one I sketched in the future. Below is an image of another design I found on Amazon which is opposite of what I am currently doing, it has warm colors and is a more fun design. (



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  • Hi Nicholas. I enjoyed reading about the organic aesthetic. You went incredibly in depth, and helped depict a phenomenal picture on why the organic aesthetic is the opposite from industrial. I learned a lot about the organic aesthetic through this post, it was very informative, thank you.

  • Nicholas, great post. It’s good to see the amount of thought you’ve put into your hypothetical opposite aesthetic design; I’m impressed how in-depth you went with materials and construction methods, especially considering how far-removed the idea seems to be from your actual upcycle project. I would like to hear a bit more about the organic aesthetic itself, what inspirations you’d draw from, that sort of thing.

  • Hi Nicholas! I think your idea on how you would create an opposite design aesthetic is interesting and a fun design choice! However, I do think that your material may not be the best match for the aesthetic you’re going for, or perhaps visa versa. I would be interested to know your thoughts on this. Otherwise, great job!


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