Main Project: Minimalist Wooden Light Fixture

After thinking over the last week about my project and the final purpose it would fill, it finally hit me as I sat it my terribly lit living room while eating dinner. I would like to make a lighting fixture and further more I would like for it to resemble the minimalist wooden aesthetic.

As you likely already know, the minimalist aesthetic is characterized by simplicity, cleanliness, and a focus on essential elements. It emphasizes functionality and purpose, often featuring clean lines, neutral colors, and uncluttered spaces. Minimalist design seeks to eliminate unnecessary details and decorations, resulting in a streamlined and understated look that prioritizes simplicity and clarity. It often draws inspiration from modernist art and architecture, promoting a sense of calm, balance, and harmony through its restrained approach to design.

I personally adopted the minimalist aesthetics and lifestyle a while back likely do to the household I grew up in leaning more towards maximalist. I have very little clutter in my current living space and I find the things that I wear to be simplistic. It is not that I don’t like more extravagant things, I just personally don’t like to overcomplicate things and I frequently seek out efficiencies in my life.

Example of wooden minimalist aesthetic:

There are many 20th Century design movements that lead to the current popularity of minimalism including: Bauhaus, De Stijl, modernism, etc. The Bauhaus movement, founded in Germany in 1919 by architect Walter Gropius, aimed to unite art, craft, and technology in pursuit of functional and aesthetic design. It emphasized simplicity, geometric forms, and the use of industrial materials. The De Stijl movement, originating in the Netherlands in the early 20th century, sought to reduce visual elements to their essence through geometric forms, primary colors, and a limited palette. All of these movements steered away from over the top ornamental elements and closer to functional and practical design.

Example of Bauhaus moment:
Example of De Stijl moment:

Because I enjoy simplicity and my home aesthetic is minimalist, rather then try something new I would like to stick with this aesthetic so that I can then implement it in my bedroom or living room. Below is a set of wooden bar lights that I have based my design on. My goal is to hang my final product of this light over my bed or couch to be used like a reading light at night rather than having my room completely lit up. While I do not have a sketch or design thought up currently for my recreation of this light it will likely mirror the long thin profile of the light below. In terms of construction, the main body of this piece will be routed from a thick, high quality piece of wood. It will then be sanded and stained. Next I will purchase a thick sheet of plastic which I will likely laser cut to the size to enclose where my lighting system will sit. I intend on using battery power so that there are no wires showing causing clutter and taking away from the minimalist aesthetic.


Modern wall lamp:



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  • Oliver White
    March 3, 2024 11:23 am

    Max, I also like your idea. I think the minimalist light fixture also fits within the mid-century modern architectural movement. Lights such as these are a common staple of homes with this architecture. I suggest you draw some inspiration from Bar Taco on Pearl Street for this project. That restaurant incorporates many different simple lighting fixtures that give the establishment a unique vibe. I am looking forward to seeing your project progress as the semester continues!

    • Hi Oliver, thank you for reading my post and for the heads up! I will have to take a trip back there to look around.

  • Hi Max,
    I like your idea, and I think it matches your minimalist aesthetic very well. What kind of lights do you plan to use for this? Do you have a preference for the color of light (warm/sterile white or something else)? Also depending on the light chosen, you may struggle to make this battery-powered, but I hope you come up with a beneficial solution. I like the plan, though, and this would make a great addition to anyone’s home.

    • Hi Noah, thank you for reading my post and thats a great point. I think I will used a battery powered LED strip which will provides a very clean white and then “tint” the plastic cover to hopefully give it a more warm look.


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