Main Project Plans and Inspirations

As for my main project, I have some rough Ideas for what I want to make. I started ideating from the beginning of class and thought that a charging station would be a fun project to fabricate. My original plan was to make the aesthetic steampunk because it is my favorite aesthetic. The idea was to make the charging station out of wood and add gears/metal to the exterior to give it that rustic appearance. After working with lots of metal in my Upcycling project I am now leaning more towards an aesthetic of minimalism as I think it would be a fun challenge and better looking on a desk. Some of the main objectives would be to integrate the electronics seamlessly and hide all the wires in some clever way. I will have to see if I decide to go for this idea or randomly come up with a better project in the next week or 2.

Alex Thompson in the Vande Globe Race –

As for my personal aesthetic I have trouble nailing any one aesthetic down. I don’t think that anything in my clothing or apartment is correlated to any one aesthetic. One thing that I can think of is during the summer I work at as a sailing coach and wear a lot of clothes related to water-sports, this includes hooded t-shirts, bucket hats and waterproof clothing and PFDs. Although niche to fishermen and sailors I think that this might be a personal nautical aesthetic for a part of the year. I think that this fits into tech ware aesthetic as the clothes are designed to protect you from the sun and sea using some cool material properties. I don’t think that this aesthetic will play a role in my main project as it doesn’t translate easily to a desk piece.

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  • Kyra Anderson
    March 1, 2024 1:23 am

    Hi Fin, I liked learning a little bit about your sailing and water aesthetic. I also think your idea of making a charging station seems great and really useful! I was wondering if you are considering adding any type of water decoration (like making it look like the ocean or adding lots of fish or sea life) to the charging station since you seem like you love being around the water?

    • Fin McKemey
      March 7, 2024 4:10 pm

      I will think about it but I don’t think that it would be easy to incorporate into the design.


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