Post 6: Main Project Plans and Inspiration

After lots of ideation and brainstorming, I have decided to create an interior design and functional piece for my final project. I found that I don’t have much decor that is also functional at the same time. I would like to make an abstract mirror that serves as a piece of decor but also a fully functional mirror and I would like it to resemble the Organic Modern Aesthetic.


What is Organic Modern you may ask? This type of style is very popular in interior design and is inspired by Minimalism, Mid-Century Modern, and Boho design styles. [2] This includes pieces that achieve nature-inspired elements while also incorporating more sophisticated and modern features. As a continuation from my previous project and aesthetic, which was Cottagecore and Naturecore, I still want to incorporate natural and organic elements into my final design but evolve the overall aesthetic to be more mature and minimalistic. I believe that this aesthetic fits my own personal aesthetic and is a good transition from Cottagecore which I feel aligns with in earlier period of my life. I feel like Organic Modern is an aesthetically pleasing interior design style that aligns with my personal interests and future interior design styles.


The Organic Modern Aesthetic dates back to the 20th century which originated from Frank Lloyd Wright. He created the concept of organic building and introduced the idea of continuity. These concepts expressed how design should fit into the natural environment around it. Following Wright’s concepts, in the 1930s Alvar Aalto evolved the Organic Modern aesthetic to have a more Mid century modern twist to it; which focused on adding natural elements into furniture. The Organic Modern aesthetic became more popular in design recently due to more attention for sustainability and green designs. [4]


I plan to incorporate this organic natural aesthetic into my final project by creating a floor length mirror with an abstract frame around it. As of now I have many different ideas and ways to approach this but I want to try to follow the Organic Modern style by including warm colors, modern elements, natural materials, and greenery. I am conflicted between going with a more abstract “blob” mirror where I create unique borders around the mirror itself, or cutting out shapes and layers out of wood to create a minimalistic mirror frame. I am also deciding on whether or not to include color in the piece, in the Organic Modern neutral color pallet, or just use more nature inspired elements like wood or clay. I do know that I want the piece to be simple and not declutter a space, I want it to blend it with the environment but also be able to stand out on its own.



Rather than trying to use my previous aesthetic Cottagecore, I would like to change my aesthetic to Organic Modern because I enjoy simplicity and minimalist interior design elements in my bedroom or living room. My goal is to find a mirror with no frame in a reasonable size and use either wood or clay materials to create a unique and natural frame. While I do not have a sketch or design yet, I would like to incorporate the following inspiration pictures into one. To get a start on this project I will cut down on the type of frame I want to create, brainstorm ideas on the materials I want to use, and create a finalized sketch of the furniture piece. As of now I plan on creating a self standing mirror that you can stand up on a wall but if I end up not liking the look or if it does not functionally work, I will find a functional way to mount it on a wall or surface.


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  • Hi Emilee,
    I like your idea, and a functional project is a great use of time. This aesthetic is one I also enjoy, and I look forward to seeing your project progress. Do you plan on cutting the mirror into shape for this or just adding a frame to create the desired design? I imagine cutting a mirror would not be easy to get exact and could be somewhat dangerous, but many of your example photos appear to be cut into shapes.

    • Emilee Novak
      March 3, 2024 2:53 pm

      Hi thank you for your feedback, I am excited to learn more about this aesthetic and the project itself. As of now I am thinking of creating a more abstract frame that will cover the mirror itself. In an inspiration picture that I didn’t include it showed how you can trace the shape of your mirror on a piece of plywood and cut out the shapes from the wood based on the size of your mirror. I think this method looks the most feasible for me since I have little experience with wood working.


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