My personal aesthetic has been very influenced/inspired by my dad who studied architecture and works in interior design. This meant that growing up my house always had a relatively cohesive theme with unique pieces and furniture that evoke a clean, minimal aesthetic. I felt like that I was taught the importance of colors and how mixtures of different colors can invoke different emotions. For example, in my living room at home we have a orange couch which adds a nice amount of brightness to the room without overpowering the room with the color. The rest of the furniture and lights are various shades of brown, grey, and white which are all fairly neutral colors. This allows the orange to pop without overshadowing the rest of the living room.

Growing up in northern California in the bay area, my neighborhood has plenty homes that were built by Joseph Eichler ( He was a real estate developer working in California from the 50’s to 60’s building over 11,000 houses around the state for middle class suburban homes. This aesthetic of a more slab sided house with warm colors on the exterior and large windows is something I have always loved and am inspired by.

I’m not too sure what I will be doing for my final project, but I am planning on incorporating similar design features so that if If whatever I made was placed in my parents house in California or any Eichler house it would fit right in. From my last project to this one, I really want to focus more on color and making a more vibrant piece of decor/furniture that can act as a centerpiece to a room without overshadowing the rest of the space.

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