Design Preview Report: Industrial Lamp


This report outlines the development of an industrial aesthetic style lamp inspired by the organic structures of plants. This fusion aims to bring a piece of the natural world into the industrial context, blending the robust, metallic characteristics of industrial design with the asymmetric, curving forms of flora.

Project Vision and Inspiration


The core vision of this project was to create a functional piece of art that illuminates space while making a statement. Drawing inspiration from the industrial revolution’s design language — characterized by ironwork, recycled metals, and exposed elements — and the natural forms of plants such as my coffee plant, this lamp is a manifestation of industrial aesthetics meeting organic design.

Figure 1: Examples of Industrial Lamp

Figure 2: My coffee plant

Aesthetic and Function Specifications

The intention is for the lamp to not only provide lighting but also serve as a conversation piece. It should evoke the look of a plant while retaining the raw, unfinished feel of industrial products. The lamp will stand on a solid wooden base, with steel pipes branching out to support light bulbs resembling leaves on a stem. Its form follows the asymmetry commonly found in nature, contributing to an organic aesthetic.

Figure 3: An example of the industrial aesthetic

Alternate Aesthetics

Initial considerations included a more natural design with a focus on nature, possibly including an actual plant like in the pictures below.. However, these were set aside in favor of the more character-rich industrial aesthetic, which I have gravitate more towards, partly because of ease of fabrication and also my interest in the aesthetic. .

Figure 4: A sketch of what my alternate aesthetic could be like

Design Process

Initial Sketches and CAD Drawings

The initial sketches captured the essence of the idea: a central ‘stem’ supporting several ‘branches’ with light bulbs at their ends (see sketch provided). 

Figure 5: First iteration of concept sketch

Figure 6: Final concept sketch

Prototyping and Fabrication Progress

Due to my busy semester, I have not been able to start this phase of my project. I have although have dont research to find the materials needed to construct this lamp. In particular, I needed to research wiring for the bulbs all to one switch, they will need to be wired in parallel so that each bulb lights up at the same time as the switch is turned on. 

Making It Happen

Timeline Graphic

Figure 7: Project timeline

Detailed Fabrication Process

The process begins with deciding the desired length of the steel pipe segments and playing with the angled and T-junction connectors to see what works. Next will be implementing the wiring as the lamp is assembled, all electrical components (wiring, on/off switch) will be fitted within the pipes. A little wood working will be required to create the base component for the lamp to stand. Although, if needed I could find an existing base of a lamp. Finally the entire lamp will be assembled and completed.


This design project embodies a blend of industrial robustness and the asymmetrical beauty of organic forms. The next steps will involve material acquisition, assembly, and final touches to bring this conceptual lamp to fruition.



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  • Collin Ruprecht
    March 18, 2024 10:55 pm

    Wow, the shading on your sketches is incredible! I can clearly see the vision you have for this project as if it were already in the real world! Do you think there is a way to integrate bulb covers into your design or will you just use dimmer bulbs? I might recommend using low-power LED bulbs due to the fact that there are no covers in your design.

  • The branching light is certainly a unique marriage between nature and technology! While I do think any light will be functional and this lamp will certainly be a conversation starter, I do wonder how effective the lighting will be for some of the bulbs that are angled–especially as they will not be able to move. Do you think this is a concern for you? I was hoping to see some CAD as I know you are capable of incredible creations! I also wonder what the size of the lamp will be considering bulbs tend to be quite big~ I look forward to seeing how your project develops!

  • Wow, I am extremely impressed with your drawing skills. Your final concept sketch is very impressive. I am looking forward to seeing your final product. I am wondering if you know what lightbulbs you are planning on using. I have some bulbs lying around that I think would work very well with your desired aesthetic. Please, reach out if you are interested!


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