Design Preview Report – Organic Modern Furniture Piece

Design Preview Report

Organic Modern Furniture Piece

ATLS 4279 – Aesthetics in Design

AJ Terio



Main Project

As previously discussed in some of my earlier posts, my main project will focus on constructing a full-scale version of an upcycled prototype piece of furniture. This piece will integrate various functionalities, including a shoe rack, a shelf, coat/hat racks, planter hooks, a mirror, and a cork board, all unified within a single furniture item. Moreover, I intend to blend in organic elements to introduce a touch of green, facilitating a natural transition from the kitchen to the backyard. A critical aspect of this design, given its intended use, is its portability; it must accompany me on a cross-country move. This concept draws inspiration from a past endeavor in which I crafted a bookshelf for my family by designing it in separable components for easy assembly into the complete structure. Although this modular approach was not feasible for the smaller prototype, it is a fundamental requirement for the main project to ensure its transportability back to my home.


Prototype design from Upcylce project


The Process

For the first phase of this project, correctly designing interlocking features into the final design will be crucial to enhance the item’s portability. This process involves designing the components to fold or disassemble easily, facilitating transport. Initially, I’ll need to select the appropriate interlocking mechanisms for each segment, assessing their durability, frictional resistance, tensile strength, and shear strength. The project will kick off with 3D modeling to visualize and refine these aspects. Subsequently, I’ll acquire the necessary materials—including wood, cork, a mirror, artificial moss, hooks, primer, paint, and finisher. At this point, I’ll also start shaping the primary structure of the piece. My goal is to finalize the basic form and interlocking mechanisms by early April, which will then allow me to shift my focus to adding decorative elements, integrating the moss, and really delving into creating the aesthetic I hope to achieve.



3/13 – 3/20

Finalizing CAD models, interlocking components, and material specifications.

3/20 – 3/29

Materials purchased, main structure and shapes complete.

3/29 – 3/30

*Spring Break*

3/30 – 4/3

Interlocking joints complete, sanding on edges and smoothed out corners.

4/3 – 4/10

Integrating corkboard, moss, and mirror.

4/10 – 4/17

Finish shoe rack, shelf, and coat hangers.

4/17 – Deadline

Stain wood and apply finisher.

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  • Kyra Anderson
    March 18, 2024 12:34 am

    HI Aj, I really like your design idea and like that it builds off of your upcycling project.I was curious how you plan to make interlocking parts. Do you think it’s going to be like wooden blocks that connect without any screws or do you think you may have to use some screws to make the hooks strong enough to hold things?

  • Barrett Lister
    March 17, 2024 10:05 pm

    Hi Aj,
    The choice of the organic modern aesthetic for the furniture piece that connects between your kitchen and backyard is a great example of how location and placement of an item can really tie it all together and make everything just a bit more beautiful. I see the multiple components like the coat rack and shelf and can get a general idea of the size of the furniture, but I would like to know if you the approximate size of what you are going to build? It sounds like your assembly/disassembly process is a driving factor in your design since you plan on taking this with on you on your life journeys. Is there any way that your furniture piece can function only partially assembled, such as if you had to put it into a small corner? In other words, is there any modularity planned into your design?


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