My top 5 things that I want my project to look like, to feel like, to do:

  1. I want to keep my aesthetic of soft colors and make my project look like a flower almost or at least make it look natural and not something synthetic even though it’s a mass-produced shirt.
  2. I want my project to feel like it is a flower almost. Using a natural way to dye my shirts will hopefully create nice muted hues of colors projecting the soft flowery feel.
  3. Also by using the thermochromic dye will help me create a feeling of nature. I want the change of colors to be something that you would watch in nature. It only happens for a brief moment and is an awe to the eye. As if you are seeing a deer run by in your peripheral vision.
  4. I want my shirt to change colors. Put plainly I hope the color shift will work and I am very optimistic as I luckily was able to use similar dye in another class last semester. This should create a very cool effect and I can’t wait to wear my shirt.
  5. Lastly, I just want this to be a really cool idea that I will actually make. I struggle with pushing myself and finishing projects so I am glad this gives me a place to push myself and stick through with my plans. Also who else would want one of these? If the process is fun I can totally see myself selling these along with other clothing I have been working on. Overall I am super jazzed on this project and am just excited to do it.

What am I prioritizing?

I am prioritizing my testing and seeing if I want to add any type of graphic or if I am going to keep it plain. I think I will stick with the latter but you never know. Next I want to see how the thermochromic dye reacts with the natural dye and see if the colors will actually blend. I am a little worried about that but it’s nothing that some practice can’t work out.

Top 5 constraints:

  1. I think my time will be a struggle for me. I want to do a much better job with planning my time and making sure I have time for a back up plan just in case.
  2. Next is probably money. I have been super broke lately so it kinda hurts me to spend any money but I think I have found a fun and less expensive way to create the execution in my head. Using the natural dyes will be super fun and I would probably do the same if money was no object.
  3. Dealing with myself will be an issue mostly because I am a D1 procrastinator. Just being better at getting on myself and starting early should help me a lot with this so I am not that worried just conscious of it.
  4. I gotta get some more foods to experiment with and I hope to do that this weekend. I was thinking of using avocado pits to create a light purple dye and maybe getting something to create a green hue. In the end I think I want to do at least 3 shirts and maybe 2 different colors. I will see what works best with the thermochromic dye.

Overall I am super excited and let me know if you would get one of these sorry for the lack of photos.



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  • Very cool project for I’m assuming wearable shirt graphics? I’m excited to see how these turn out, as well as how many designs you go through before you’re content with a final graphic. Are you planning on doing handprints that look like or have flower gradients or are you planning to use a stencil or something?

  • Alex Gebben
    April 7, 2024 9:43 pm

    Hi Collin, I think using homemade natural dyes for this shirt would be awesome. Do you know if the shirt is going to need to be washed in a certain way to preserve the dyes you are using? Its also great that you came up with this list of potential constraints. I am excited to see the dynamic thermochromic dye as well.


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