For my project I will be creating a programmable LED display encased in a wood frame. I will be blending the natural feel of the wood with the retro aspect of a led display. I aim to produce a functional artistic piece that can reflect my personal aesthetic while being able to change due to how I’m feeling on that day. 

Below is an initial sketch of my idea  

made by me

Design and Fabrication

The design centers around a high-resolution LED matrix that allows for a dynamic and colorful picture or animation. Functionality is a key specification, with the display capable of showing everything from simple patterns to complex animations. To achieve this, I’ll use RGB LEDs for their color versatility, controlled by software that I plan to write with clarity and modularity in mind.

The frame will be crafted from wood, chosen for its natural feel and the warmth it brings to the retro project. The wood will be cut to be a seamless display. The size of the display will be substantial enough to be impactful while fitting comfortably in an indoor setting. 

Aesthetic Influence

My personal aesthetic leans towards a blend of the retro and the modern, appreciating both the organic nature of wood and  modern technology. This project draws inspiration directly from my childhood toy ‘lite brite’. The simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design also influence my approach, focusing on minimalism and practicality.

Past experiences play a significant role in shaping this aesthetic. Growing up, I often created art with a toy called a lite brite which used little colored pins on a black background with a white light in the back. This has inspired me to create something similar but modular to be able to conform to whatever aesthetic or art style I want.

lite brite by Hasbro

Future Aspirations  

For this project I want to go through with this idea of a desk item that I can change and make my own. I want to make something that I would use and love to see on my desk. I really don’t want to put so much effort into something that will end up in the corner of my closet. I’m excited to follow through with this idea and see what will become of it!

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