Specifications and Constraints- Abstract Art

For my project I have chosen Abstract art in combination with skeletal structure of the biggest earth excavator in the world.

Bagger 288 built by the German company Krupp.

The following are the top 5 specifications that I have considered for the completion of my Artifact:

1. My artifact should feel like a robust solid piece structured together.

2. It should have dynamic feelings with various types of motion

3. ⁠Most of the motion should involve circular as well as oscillatory motion that are combined together in a single artifact.

Oscillation Mechanics Design

4. ⁠The artwork should have structural integrity to handle all these motions together formed with various types of trusses and supporting beams.

Various Types of Trusses5. Most importantly these motions will be controlled using only one input point for the motion, so that user can feel the whole experience.

Also, here are the top 5 constraints I would face in my project:

1. Designing a working and practical structure to implement my idea.

Rough Design Sketch

2. To build a robust structure which can withstand weight as well as conduct the intended motions without any failure.

3. For this project, I have decided to go with wooden sticks, glue, cardboard, wooden plank, and black paint as my primary supplies.

Random Stick Structure

4. There is a big time constraint as each part has it own difficulties to construct, assemble and experiment so that all pieces should uniformly fit and work together.

5. Moreover, I have to be very cautious in the process of manufacturing the parts as the use of permanent glue is prominent and can cause a lot of mess.

With all the specifications and constraints considered I would move on with the necessary steps as mentioned in the timeline in the previous post for the completion of my project.

Reference Images:

1. https://images.app.goo.gl/kmjHQRRzCcuF7Djz5

2. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/skewer-hyperboloid–449656344036525164/


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  • Katie Schutt
    April 8, 2024 10:40 am

    Hi Aryan! This is a really interesting project, and also unique relative to the rest of the class’s projects. I don’t think anyone is as inspired by excavators as you are! It is good that you have identified all of the individual components in that sketch, perhaps it will help you to build up the entire thing afters assembling some subsystems.

  • Nick Olguin
    April 5, 2024 1:00 pm


    Your project blending abstract art with the Bagger 288 excavator’s skeletal structure is intriguing. Your specifications focus on creating a robust, dynamic piece with controlled motions, while your constraints highlight practical challenges like design, materials, and time management. Your attention to detail sets a solid foundation for success. Good luck with your project!


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