Top 5 Specifications / Top 5 Constraints – AJ Terio

Top 5 Specifications / Top 5 Constraints

ATLS 4279 – Aesthetics in Design

AJ Terio



What are the top 5 things you want your project to look like, to feel like, to do? 

  1. Seamless intersections between the varying components that make up the full structure. This piece is going to consist of a variety of different materials, and I’d like for everything to look as though it is a part of one solid structure, no gaps. 
  2. Ornate. I’d like for the wooden structural parts of this design to be ornately detailed in floral swirls and geometric shapes. 
  3. Component designed. As I’ve mentioned, I’d like for this design to be portable, to allow me to bring it back to my home in Virginia. So an important aspect of this project will be for me to be able to fold this into a smaller, moveable piece.
  4. Cork to moss easing implemented. I’d like for this design to include artificial moss as well as planter hooks and shelves to give it color and an organic aesthetic. One thing about this artificial moss I’d like to work is the transition from the wood and cork into the moss, for it to ease nicely and not be too abrupt of a change. 
  5. Usability and longevity. I want to coat this piece in layers of protection and make it durable enough to last years in my house. 

What are the aspects that will tell you you’ve succeeded in your project? 

  • Paint/Sealer applied correctly, smooth with no bumps and imperfections
  • Stands up on its own, angles are correct and it is not leaning one particular way
  • Good usability for the functionality parts (shoe rack can pull out to be cleaned, hooks under shelf and coat rack work well, cork board works, mirror is placed at the right height)

What are you prioritizing?

  1. The main structure, shelves, cork board and mirror
  2. Joints and fasteners
  3. Details and sanding
  4. Paint and sealer
  5. Moss!

Next, what are the top 5 constraints you face? 

Time, money, skills, supplies, ideas, room to work? 

  1. Room to work in terms of dimensions of my structure. I must be careful not to make anything too large as I have a small defined area for my piece to go. 
  2. Ideas regarding the placement and shape of the cork and moss. I still need to make a few more designs for the placement of the cork and moss and how it will nicely ease from cork and wood to moss. 
  3. Fasteners. I am quite worried about securing the pieces of wood together and having them seamlessly fold together. There is also the fastener that will need to be attached to the side or back of the piece to secure it to the wall.
  4. Size and shape of the artificial moss and how much moss I will need to buy is still unknown.
  5. Time. Obviously other projects going on will make it a little more difficult to schedule times to work on this project. 


Which ones will be the toughest to deal with?

  • I believe that the fasteners will be the most important and stressful in applying. I really don’t want to split the wood or drill through it so I believe this will be the most difficult in finding material as well as applying.
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  • Hey Aj, cool to see an update on your project. Your list is very concise and to the point, it looks like you have a good grasp on how your project is going/going to look. Good luck on thi s project, hopefully the fasteners go well


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