Photography Cabinet: Top 5 Specifications, Top 5 Constraints

Top 5 things I want from my project:


  1. The design hits my vintage/minimalist aesthetic

While I believe I can make the design hit my aesthetic, I will have to really research the stains I can use for my wood to help fit my aesthetic. There are several examples I have seen online but they usually don’t list what they used as the stain and wood. Incorporating the glass door may also be difficult to bring it together


  1. The inside shelves or shelf should be adjustable

For the shelves inside I plan on having 3 or 4 different adjustable heights where the shelves can sit for a couple of different reasons. The first one is if I underestimate how much room some of my larger equipment needs. I would also like to adjust them in case I get new equipment in the future and it is bigger than what I have now.


  1. Looks professionally made

I am sure most people are going for this but I want this project to be something that I can look at years down the road and still be proud of it. To do this my largest challenge will be the woodworking involved and seeing if I am able to remember what I have learned in the past.


  1. Large enough to fit my equipment comfortably 

I am planning on building this large enough to not only fit what I have already but to also house more equipment in the future if I so choose. 


  1. Project is sturdy

I would like to be able to make a project that will last a long time and take a beating over several years. I believe that the wood will be a good option for this as long as I pick the right materials to go into it.


Top 5 constraints


  1. Lacking woodworking skills

One of the hardest parts of this project will be the woodworking. I have not made anything in a wood shop since freshman year of high school which was about 7-8 years ago. I am still somewhat familiar with what I will have to do and the steps I will need to take but it will certainly be a learning process along the way. 


  1. Very nice wood can be expensive

One thing my project may lack to make it look more professional is the type of wood I choose. Some of the nicer looking wood can have a hefty price tag along with it so I may have to go with a cheaper wood and figure out different methods to make it look how I want. 


  1. Glass can be hard to cut nicely

I have recently had to work with glass and I know while it’s not extremely difficult to cut to the shape I would like it, it will still prove to be a challenge as I need fairly exact measurements to fit with the wood frame of the door I am making.


  1. Times I am able to work on this project

With this semester being my last here at CU I have found myself to be extremely busy most days, with all of my classes revolving around projects and homework and exams. My largest challenge here is finding the time in my schedule to be able to work on this, as I can’t just take 20 minutes out of my day, especially to get started, it needs to be longer than that.


  1. Areas I can work/ familiarity

Since I have not woodworked here at CU one challenge I may face is familiarizing myself with the resources we have and the constraints we have as well. I do not have anywhere outside of the school I know of that I can work on this project which may pose a challenge. 

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  • John Bileschi
    April 10, 2024 2:33 pm

    Hey Cannon, I really like the utility factor of your project as it will serve useful for you for years to come. I also agree on the fact that choosing the correct wood stain is a big decision as it affects the total look of the final product. As far as the adjustability of the shelves, I would suggest looking into how bookshelves have a line of holes along the side which have small removable studs that make adjusting them really easy.

  • Sarah Pepper
    April 8, 2024 7:44 pm

    Hello! I look forward to seeing your final project. If you are looking to improve your woodworking skills or need a refresher, the Idea Forge does a workshop. Regarding your constraints and specifications, it seems like you have accounted for everything well!


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