Post 9: Top 5 Specifications, Top 5 Constraints

Post 9: Top 5 Specifications, Top 5 Constraints

Dutch Style Cheese Press that the Author is emulating.

After returning from spring break, the final deadline for this project feels quite close. With 3 weeks left, certain parts of the project must be made a priority while dealing with current constraints. The project is a dutch style cheese press that will be used to produce semi-hard to hard cheeses. The following is a list of the five major specifications for the cheese press that are priorities and five current constraints that exist while the project is being finished.


Top 5 Specifications

  • Function: The cheese press must maintain structural integrity while applying pressure to the curd.
  • Longevity: The cheese press should not break down after repeated use.
  • Food safety: The final product will have a food safe finish such as mineral oil.
  • Form: There will be designs on the larger surfaces of the press that make the cheese press unique.
  • Design repeatability: The steps taken to finish the project will be documented so the cheese press can be remade and improved upon for future iterations.

My current priorities from this list are function and design repeatability. This is something that I want to make improvements on in the future, so I see this as a great starting point for future cheese presses.

Top 5 Constraints

  • Time: There are 3 weeks left for this project while the fabrication needs to be completed.
  • Wood shop experience: I have done some work in a wood shop before, however my experience dictates my speed of work, thus adding a layer to my time constraint.
  • Wood shop open hours: The time the wood shop is open will dictate how much time I will be able to work on the project.
  • My current work and class schedule: I work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, as well as nine to five on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am taking this class and another class as well. My time around these commitments is limited.
  • Materials: The wood, bolts, and wingnuts for this project still need to be purchased.

My biggest constraints are the wood shop hours and my current work/class schedule. I am going to try to do most of my work Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings before my 11:15 am class.



DUTCH PRESS, WOODEN CHEESE PRESS (2 Cheese Making mold 1.2 L) pressure up to 270 pounds

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  • Hey Ben,

    A cheese press is such an interesting project. It would be fun to taste the cheese that is made from this if it can be finished in time.

    David Li

    • Ben Clairday
      April 10, 2024 5:14 pm

      Hi David, I will save some cheese for you if I can make a semi-hard cheese with this press before the semester is done!

  • Chris Wachuta
    April 8, 2024 12:34 pm

    Super excited to see how your cheese press comes out. The constraints you mentioned can make this a bit tough. The efficiency of your fabrication is crucial. Good luck with the project.


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