Infinity Mirror- Progress

To recap my project goals, I am making an infinity mirror out of an acrylic sheet with 2 way mirror film, 3D printed frame pieces, and an LED strip. My progress has been halted by a few design constraints recently. Mostly 3D printing capabilities. I talked to Pat in the electronics lab in the Idea Forge, and he told me that it’s unlikely that my design will 3D print cleanly. He recommended that I redesign my CAD model or go with another material for the frame. I think my new plan is to 3D print the frame in a separate piece, and there will now only be a frame for the LED strip. This will have pegs that will slide into my base firmly. Below is the progression of my design, with the most recent on the left opposed to the oldest on the right. 

One of the major changes I have made in my new revision is deleting the frames that will hold in the mirrors (both front and back). In my new design, these will be held in by slots in the base, which I’m hoping will be tight enough to hold in firmly. If not, I will have to find a method of locking them in. A positive to this design change is that I will now be able to pull out the back mirror and flip it, giving the ability to use it as a regular mirror. It will give my project an aspect of functionality instead of just decoration. I believe that this revision will help the Abstract Tech aesthetic of my project, since I would like the focus of my project to be what happens when you look into the mirror, rather than the look of the outside of it. My goal is to keep the frame as consistent as possible to ensure this clean aesthetic. Also, the center frame that holds the LED strip has now been redesigned and taylored to be 3D printed. There are pegs on the bottom which will slide into the base firmly, and there are still holes that will provide a method of hiding the electronics in the base. I still plan on laser cutting ⅛” acrylic to 8”x8” dimensions to function as the front mirror, and this will be covered in one-way mirror film which will be ordered off Amazon shortly. 

I have also begun gathering materials for my project last week and this week. I have settled on an LED strip with its own battery pack, as well as a remote that can both adjust color and turn the LED’s on and off. I think that this will satisfy the dynamic portion of the project. I have also bought an 8”x8” mirror for the back of the frame. Below is a photo of my purchased materials. The next item I will order is a one-way mirror film as well as an acrylic sheet.

If anyone has any suggestions for fabrication/assembly any input is appreciated!

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  • Matthew Osborn
    April 14, 2024 11:28 pm

    Great progress Jason, I like the creativeness to overcome the problems that came up. Though this was unplanned it might turn out to have a cool effect with the angle that you look at it. I also really like that you’re trying to have it be functional as well and decretive. Great work, looking forward to seeing the final product!!

  • Hi Jason, I really enjoyed your post! That is unfortunate that you had to make design changes due to 3D printing capabilities but I think your piece will still look super cool! I don’t think it will be too hard to. produce a press fit for the outer plates into the base you may just want to discuss tolerances with Pat if you are worried about it. What will you consider success in terms of your find product of this project?


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