Progress – Furniture Piece


ATLS 4279 – Aesthetics in Design

AJ Terio




  • Purchased the main load of my materials
  • Cut the main shapes of the wood that will make up the structure of my furniture piece
  • Sanded the woods faces and edges to prepare for carving, routing, painting, interlocks and attaching joints 
  • Bottom wall to base joint has been made

Coming up

  • Purchase turf/artificial grass and moss as well as joints, hooks, and shoe rack slabs
  • Sketch and route/carve patterns into the walls and sides
  • Finish carving main shelf
  • Carve interlocks for shoe racks and shelf
  • Route space for cork to go
  • Attach joints
  • Attach hooks
  • Paint/stain structure and apply finisher 
  • Glue the cork and mirror
  • Attach moss/grass
  • Add floor stoppers to base
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  • Hi AJ,
    Making a large scale piece of furniture sounds really cool. I’m not sure if you have answered this in another post but do you have any challenges you have faced in your progress so far?

  • Wow looks like you have made a lot of progress and cut a lot of wood out. Glad to see you are on track to completing the project on time, good luck on everything else! How long do you think the rest of the project is going to take?


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