The other day I shattered a mirror accidentally, it was my favorite mirror that I had gotten from a thrift store. It broke my heart, yet I had just bought a signed copy of The Tortured Poets Department so I decided it would become a frame for the print. I was left with a pile of glass though, various sizes that immediately derailed this project.

I was, emphasis on was, working on this project and getting pieces together but really was not feeling it. The track and fitting a blade with bumpers seemed to prove difficult, so I cut everything shorter and here we are.
The new plan is to keep the same aesthetic and general idea, but now the guillotine will be more of a useful piece in the home. I have a small amount of wood laying around my home and have everything I needed for the bigger project but I’ll be returning some of it to get smaller bits.

I’ve begun cutting out various stop signesq shapes from a flat piece of plywood from a furniture delivery in my neighborhood. Unfortunately due to my work schedule I haven’t had as much time to document my progress, but I will try to take more photos over the next few days. From there, I will be using pallet wood and wood I’ve gotten off Craigslist to make the general shape. Should be around 3 feet tall, 4 at max. Width is dependent on the stop sign and what works best the track.
I am hoping that the “blade” being wood, painted and mirrored would make it no longer a weapon hopefully. On top of that, I’ve been perfect my cheetah print painting technique and I have bought E6000 and a bucket of rhinestones. I will be getting glitter this week from work, which is another reason it has to be smaller. I am not about to have my cars interior look like a clown threw up and died in it. So it has to fit in a bag of some kind to avoid any damage to my car and self.

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  • Hi Ephy! I think all of the cheetah print and rhinestones and glitter will really help you achieve the aesthetic that you are hoping for. Good luck transporting the glitter. Are you incorporating the record into this project, or the materials from the broken mirror into this project?

  • Hi Efrosini, I like your drawing and what you have for you vision. The clown comment also made me laugh pretty hard. I was wondering what you meant by the guillotine being a useful piece? Did you mean that it will be a useful design piece?


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