Post 10: Progress

The first, and largest hump of the project was the acquiring of the materials. Before I could simply get the materials I had to understand what I needed. I decided to go to McGuckins and speak to some people who understood electricity, as this is my first project that will use AC voltage. I did not have a lot of knowledge entering this project about AC. When it comes to AC electricity there is no positive an negative, and unlike dc which generally uses some type of battery, AC is a lot stronger, so if I do anything wrong I might end up frying myself. With this in mind after a few mistakes (purchasing a dc dimmer) I was able to acquire all of the electrical components that would play nice with a AC grid. I have acquired my wood, piping, spray paint, shellac, dimmer, light bulb, dimmer switch, brass plating, AC wiring, and paint brush.

The next thing I did was spend time painting the pipes, and staining the wood. After that was done I went to do some woodwork on the wood. I have found a beautiful piece of wood that had naturally split, while this would be inconvenient in my other projects this would be perfect for my lamp as this created two live edge wood pieces. I decided to cut the wood on this crack, flip the pieces over, and drill them together to create a wonderful double live edge, reclaimed wood, base.

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