Upcycle Final Report: Cardboard Laptop Case

Hello everyone, Here we are at the end of the upcycle project, after many mistakes and design looping for many of us. The following is all of the steps and thoughts contained in my project: the cardboard laptop case! I did not google this idea before I began (honestly!) but Fig.1 is something I found that is…
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Aesthetic Explorations: Pop-Cult Minimalism of Olly Moss

The sub-genre of pop-cult minimalism can be most easily traced to the emergence of Pop Art in the 1950s in England and America. Notable figures such as Andy Warhol and Eduardo Paolozzi pioneered pop art by taking culturally relevant imagery—often of a commercial nature such as advertisements or product designs—and putting a critical spin on…
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Minimalism began in the 1960’s to early 1970’s as a contrasting aesthetic compared to Abstract expressionism. The primary element of Minimalism is the reduction of features to achieve the most simple design or image. Minimalism is seen in many different mediums ranging from paintings to architecture to apparel. Some people even live their lives as…
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