Solar Cooker Progress

I decide to make a solar box cooker for my upcycling project. This idea comes from the cookstove class I took in the last spring, which was offered by Professor Hannigan. He taught us about the solar oven. So in this class, I think it is a good idea to make my own solar cooker. Basically, solar cooker is used to cook food by absorbing the radiation from the sun. Choosing the material to build the solar cooker is the key for my project. My design is sketched in fig.1. I plan to use the recycled cardboard box to build my solar oven and use the aluminum foil to reflect the radiation from the sun. I will put a black pan in the box in order to maximized the radiation it absorbs. After that, I will do some decoration on four sides of the solar cooker in order to make it aesthetically pleased. Besides that, I might do some real tests next week to see how it performs.

屏幕快照 2016-01-27 下午7.51.43







Fig.1  The design of solar oven



屏幕快照 2016-01-27 下午8.02.38

Fig.2 Unfinished solar oven

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  • Well shoot… my comments didn’t show up.

    This is a sweet idea! Excited to see how yours turns out. What are you using for the clear window on the top? You might have more success if you replace the pan with something with less mass- I bet that pan takes a lot of energy to heat up!

  • Great concept for both practicality and recycling. I like that you can use almost any material like cardboard to make an oven. How hot can the oven get on say a 90F day? Is there going to be any ventilation or does it cook better when its sealed? I’m looking forward to how you design the outside of the box.

  • Looks pretty solid. I like this design, it should be very interesting!

  • Christopher Coffman
    January 29, 2016 12:06 pm

    I am curious to see how this design turns out. I loved making these solar cookers in elementary school, and they actually work pretty well. I am also curious to see exactly how quickly this cooker heats up. If you could add some sort of feature that makes this cooker more than just a typical solar cooker, I think that would be really cool. Good work.


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