The Skills of Joseph Yoshimura

As a mechanical engineer, I have many of the same skills as others in this class. These are some of skills that I have gained in the mechanical engineering department:

  • Machining/Testing Experience
    • I have worked on many projects in the machine shop using the Mill, Lathe, Grinding, CNC, and Laser Cutter.
    • In addition, I worked in a research lab, learning how to use the Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Scanning Electrong Microscopy (SEM), Nano-imprinting, Differential Scanning calorimetry (DSC), and the Dynamic Material Analysis (DMA).
  • Analytical Programs
    • I have used Matlab extensively, taken and optimal design class in which we worked on complex Matlab projects. I also have some experience with EES, Mathematica, LabVIEW, and MathCAD.
  • CAD
    • For basically any long term project, I have used a decent amount of SolidWorks. I also briefly worked with Autocad in a workshop.

In addition to the engineering skills I possess, I can also help with a few other computer programs such as:

  • Media Based Software
    • I have used Imovie and Adobe Premiere to make relatively simple movies and videos. In addition I play the piano and began writing music using Musescore.
  • Other Computer Programs
    • Like many others, I know how to use basic computer programs such as Origin Pro, Microsoft Office Products including; Words, Excel, VBA, PowerPoint.

Finally, I have random other skills that will probably not be as useful, but might in strange and rare circumstances. These include:

  • Music
    • As mentioned earlier, I have played the piano for many years and also used to play the violin if music is needed for any project.
  • Teaching
    • I was a middle school teacher for one summer, so if you need lesson plans written up I am decent at that.
  • Book Up-cycling
    • As you know I upcycled a few books for my project and have good ideas for more.
  • Dodgeball
    • I have 6 dodgeball intramural championship t-shirts. So if you need to throw or dodge a ball I can help with that as well.


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  • Christopher Coffman
    February 14, 2016 9:30 pm

    Very thorough list of skills. I am curious to learn more about which research lab you worked in. It sounds like you used some pretty intense programs and scientific methods while doing research. It reminds me of some of the methods that NIST uses if I remember correctly. I am also impressed by your musical abilities. Piano is an awesome instrument that I wish I learned earlier. I play guitar quite often but when I tried learning piano, I realized it requires much more focus and practice than guitar.

  • I might actually need some help with some machining stuff for my project, so I may take advantage of that. I’m leaning towards an idea that may involve music, so I could also probably use a second set of eyes on some of that stuff as well.


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