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I am currently a senior in mechanical engineering graduating this May, and have the similar course background as my team mates.  I have spend a lot of time 3-D printing at the ITLL so the process on how to get your design in 3-D is pretty fresh. I am very good with almost anything that involves hands on work.

Some skills that I bring to the table are as follows:

  • SolidWorks have plenty of hours in this software.
  • Basic machining skills (mill, lathe, some what CNC)
  • Basic Soldering
  • Basic circuits knowledge
  • 3-D printing knowledge and design for 3-D printing (have access to the ITLL printers)
  • Laser Cutting Knowledge (have access to the ITLL laser cutter)
  • Design for Manufacturability and Assembly
  • Creative idea “generator”
  • Good at hand and SolidWorks drawings (Love to Draw it is one of my hobbies)

Aesthetic image_thumb

This cartoon made me laugh, and I thought that it kinda went with the aesthetics of this blog.

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  • Cool, I might use you for laser cutting expertise if that comes up. I actually have never used those machines, but after seeing the upcycling projects they look like a great resource.


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